'Hairspray Live!' Made A 'Hamilton' Reference

In an unusually modern moment, Hairspray Live! made a Hamilton reference. It was Link Larkin who casually dropped the "I'm not throwing away my shot" line into a rather tense moment where he is telling Tracy that he cannot join the protest on The Corny Collins show. (Thank goodness he changed his mind later.) It was a fun nod to the smash Broadway musical, and I think we need to address the fact that this Hamilton reference appears to be specifically put in for the Hairspray Live! performance.

A speedy Google search elicited proof that this line about Link not wanting to "throw away his shot" in reference to his recording contract, was specifically added into the NBC Hairspray Live! version of the show. It doesn't appear in the original Broadway musical script nor in the 2007 film adaptation. Between this and the Gilmore Girls revival and so much more, Hamilton references are all over the airwaves, proving that the Broadway sensation is just as big as it ever has been.

I, for one, did a little bit of a happy dance the minute it happened. But, how can you not be happy when there's Hamilton in the mix, you know?

Hairspray Live! had many a great moment, and this was certainly one of them.