Ryan Reynolds Has The Most Retweeted GIF Of 2016

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds is known for being a lot of things — super fine, super Canadian, and super funny. The latter of the three charming characteristics appears to have piqued the interest of avid Twitter users specifically due to his aptitude for using GIFs. And now, the superhero's Twitter fingers have garnered Reynolds the honor of the "most retweeted GIF of 2016," according to Cosmopolitan UK, partially in thanks to wife Blake Lively.

Back in June, Reynolds tweeted a GIF of Lively desperately coming up for air while trying to escape a shark attack. While any follower of Lively's knows that was a scene from her movie The Shallows, Reynolds couldn't help but give the GIF his own spin. He tweeted, "Actual footage from the first date with my wife. Tried to surprise her and totally forgot I was a f*cking shark."

Now, although he likens himself to a ravenous shark, clearly Reynolds' charms got the best of Blake in real life. They just welcomed their second daughter in September. Yet I can't help but wonder why this tweet of all tweets and this GIF of all GIFs tickled Twitter so much. Let's breakdown this tweet and see for ourselves.

The Number Of Retweets

The shark GIF raked in about 127-thousand retweets on Reynolds official Twitter account. Not too shabby.

Lively's Expression Coupled With Reynolds Caption

One word: priceless.

The Unexpected Shark

(Cue the menacing theme music from Jaws). Based on some responses to the GIF, some didn't see the Great White coming!

Self-deprecating Humor FTW

Reynolds is notorious for admonishing his wife with only the highest of praises and poking fun at himself at the same time. *sigh* How cute. Anyone who doesn't take themselves too seriously is perfect for Twitter.

As the freshly dubbed "Entertainer of the Year" by Entertainment Weekly, Reynolds reign as a king of comedy has only just begun.