You Should Probably Meet Caroline Boyer

So, a smoldering country singer famous for his rowdy party anthems of songs will be hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards. But keep it in check, ladies; Luke Bryan's got a wife named Caroline Boyer. So who is she? And does she hate that her husband is famous for songs like "Drink A Beer," "Drunk On You," and "Take My Drunk Ass Home"?

Not in the slightest. Boyer and Bryan actually met when they were in college at Georgia Southern University (cue collective awww), so his song "Sorority Girl" may very well be about her. In fact, he says that it was "love at first sight" with her (cue another collective awww). He told Good Housekeeping — in an article titled "Why Luke Bryan Is The Perfect Husband" — that:

It was love at first sight with Caroline — those blue eyes of hers. I knew that, no matter what, I was going to make my way over to her.

In fact, even though Bryan gives off the bad boy vibe, he's actually a good guy — and a perfect husband — who just really likes his beer. But hey! That's something a girl can get behind. I mean, I'd happily pen a power ballad to my own guilty pleasure: sauvignon blanc. Dionne Warwick, you got nothin' on my wine ballad.

But Bryan's biggest secret he has from his wife has nothing to do with bad behavior. There's NO INFIDELITY here, remember? PERFECT. HUSBAND. His biggest secret is — wait for it — how much he goes fishing. And no, fishing is not a metaphor (even though fellow country artist Craig Campbell's song, "Fish," might have you thinking otherwise).

So, we'll surely see Boyer in the audience cheering on her (perfect) husband as he co-hosts the ACMs on Sunday, April 6. That's right, ladies, perfect husband. Must I reiterate? And let's be real, here: she probably can hold her own when it comes to beer, too.