Hear "Let it Go" Played on Wine Glasses, Because You'll Never Get Tired of that Song — VIDEO

There's probably a cover of every song known to man on YouTube, performed in any number of ways (most of those ways, unfortunately, are a cappella groups and thus cannot be bothered with). This cover, however, manages to combine two great things: Frozen and wine glasses.

That's right, YouTube user Dan Newbie, who frequently performs song covers on pans, pots, wine glasses, and other kitchen items, recorded a cover of "Let it Go" (just when you thought you had finally got it out of your head). It's entirely instrumental, performed only with a few pans, and assortment of wine glasses, spoons, salt shakers, a milk jug, and a few handclaps for good measure. What's even stranger is that it's a perfect fit for the song. The chiming sound of the wine glasses give the song a wintry, icy feel, and the minimal instrumentals give the song an innocent and childlike effect, almost like a music box.

So if Idina Menzel's voice won't stop ringing in your head, give this cover a listen... and maybe even give it a try yourself. After all, if it turns out you're not a music whiz with the wine glasses, you can always break out a bottle of wine and put those glasses to good use.

Dan Newbie on YouTube