Kanye West Just Took A Style Tip From Kim K

Normally it's Kanye West giving Kim Kardashian style advice, but not this time. He's taking a page out of his wife's style book and switching it up in a big way. According to Entertainment Tonight, West has dyed his hair blonde. You didn't think that he wouldn't come back with a bang, did you? The rapper is always up to something,

After being hospitalized in November, West is finally back and looking a little different. Remember that time that Kardashian surprised everyone and showed up with blonde hair for Fashion Week? Well, her husband just did the exact same thing. West has been out of the public eye for a while now, but he's definitely making up for it. According to the publication, West attended Rick Owens "Furniture" exhibit for his first public appearance since being hospitalized to show off his new 'do.

West opted for a shaved hair style on the sides and left the blonde hair at the top longer. It's not exactly as jaw-dropping as Kardashian's hair change, but it's is a whole lot different than his normal look. His wardrobe hasn't changed much though. He rocked a plain, grey crew-neck, jeans, and white sneakers to go with his 'do.

In my opinion, it's nice to see him playing with his personal style. Before the big hair swap, he had short, buzzed hair. There would be no way to dye his locks then, but not that he's let it grow out a bit, he's got room for more style. Here's what his hair looked like before.


Pretty different, right? I can't wait to see how else he decides to switch up his look. Not everyone is as excited about the new hair as I am though. Here's what people have to see about the transformation.

Okay, the similarities are there.

Some people aren't sure what to think.

Oh, but he has, my friend.

Think what you will, but playing with personal style is never a bad thing!