All The Best Lyrics From Zayn & Taylor's Duet

With Valentine's Day sneaking up on us soon (I still wanna give Christmas its due, but we’re definitely in those winter months), it was inevitable that we’d start getting teased by Fifty Shades Darker. And along with the initial trailer for the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel sequel comes a sultry new song from Zayn Malik and... Taylor Swift? It seems like a duo worthy of an eyebrow raise, yet somehow it works, and Zayn and Swift's “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever" lyrics definitely encapsulate the pain and low-key insanity behind the franchise.

In the song, it looks like two lovers are both putting up barriers in the effort to not get hurt again, and it really starts to impact their emotional and psychological well-being. And we’ve all been there, right? Personally, I don’t recommend slipping back into a relationship with your crazy dom anytime soon, but, if you’re looking to belt out some serious and slightly sexy heartbreak, this song definitely has you covered.

Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters Feb. 10, but, until then, you can satiate your dark(-ish) cravings with "I Don't Wanna Live Forever." Feel free to listen to the song on iTunes, and then embrace the following lyrics of longing.

1. "Been Sitting Eyes Wide Open Behind These Four Walls, Hoping You'd Call "

And, in that moment, Zayn was all of us. Putting up barriers. Staring at his iPhone longingly. Actually, this should maybe be amended to something more like, "hoping you'll text me back after I bravely messaged 'sup?'" since I'm pretty sure calling is not of our time. Close enough.

2. "It's Just A Cruel Existence, Like There's No Point Hoping At All"

Zayn goes like, full Bella Swan (which means at least part Ana Steele, TBH) with this line, and, while it feels melodramatic, sometimes you need to lean into that anguish.

3. "I'm Sitting Eyes Wide Open And I Got One Thing Stuck In My Mind: Wondering If I Dodged A Bullet Or Just Lost The Love Of My Life"

The trouble is that, with your most intriguing, most passionate relationships, the line between "dodging a bullet" and "losing the love of your life" is very, very, thin. Swift, bless her heart, is no stranger to how love and loss works. She gets it.

4. "I've Been Looking Sad In All The Nicest Places"

Clearly, this is the kind of heartbreak and longing that travels with you. Even though you have hot New Year's Eve plans, even though you're dolled up and dining fine at the Russian Tea Room, you can't shake off that morose expression.

5. "Now I'm In A Cab, I Tell 'Em Where Your Place Is . What Is Happening To Me?"

This line is just independently great, because it's honest about showcasing a little bit of post-break up craziness. Taylor, sweetheart, what are you even doing. Is your ex's address just an automatic response or are you stalking him out?

6. "I Don't Wanna Live Forever, 'Cause I Know I'll Be Living In Vain. And I Don't Wanna Fit Wherever, I Just Wanna Keep Calling Your Name"

The core of the chorus is all good stuff, but I especially like the little middle section of "I don't wanna fit wherever." There's so much in there that screams of being lost, and wanting to be desperately found again.

See? This song is deep, no matter what your feelings are about the book. This is definitely going to be the next song you end up hearing everywhere ever.

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