How Will Chris Colfer's Stint As A 'Glee' Writer Change The Feel Of The Show?

Chris Colfer is an established quadruple threat. The actor, singer, dancer, and author is only 23 years old, but he has a Golden Globe, a SAG award, a New York Times best-selling series, and a hit TV show under his belt. Quit making us look so damn bad, Colfer! While we're mainly in tune his nature-defying high-pitched notes and impeccable comedic timing on Glee, we're soon going to experience his most valuable untapped resource: his writing. According to reports, Colfer will write an episode late in the fifth season and he obviously accepted the golden opportunity. Glee seems like the place to work, right?!

Not only will Colfer will get the opportunity to hone his craft, but this move will mark an overall positive effect on the show itself. With the series winding down, it isn't exactly a bad thing to breathe new life and a different perspective into an aging and tired show. We know we can trust Colfer to do the plot and characters justice because he's invested. Having been on the show since the pilot, he grasps not only the direction of the show but the integrity of it. He has the unique ability and opportunity to perfect the formula of the show, because he has seen it from both sides of the spectrum, as an actor and a writer.

Colfer had joked that with the free reign he's been given, maybe he'll just selfishly do a Miley Cyrus tribute episode. Although we'd sell our first-born to see Kurt mimic a dance routine from the Bangerz Tour, we know that with this opportunity, he's going to do something a lot more poignant than that. We just hope that whatever direction Colfer decides to take it in, that it feels like the old Glee again. The Glee that took the nation by storm and "punched High School musical in the stomach." No more preaching, no more tragedy. We'd just like some good ol' fashioned musical fun, please. With a side of dry humor and snark, of course. The show has really been on the right track lately and we're optimistic for the last season and a half. Go get em', Colfer!