All The Kylie Shop Merch To Know About

People have already started lining up for the Kylie Shop pop up store, and going by the sell-out rate of her online makeup store, that's probably a smart move. For those of us not near the Canoga Park, CA locale, what are they actually lining up for? Makeup, duh, but also so much more. Kylie Jenner previewed all of The Kylie Shop's merchandise in an exclusive teaser video on her website, and her branding knows no bounds. Here's a rundown of all The Kylie Shop merch to know about.

According to the video description, there are T-shirts, phone cases, pins, her Terry Richardson calendar "and so much more." That so much more looks like nothing to sneeze at, with Jenner taking a page from Kanye's extensive Life of Pablo merch and giving fans a full range. Set to a clapping beat, the teaser flashes Kylie-branded socks, a dripping lipstick-printed jacket, flat-brim hat, neon orange sweatshirts, sportswear sets, and even underwear, for people who really want to be intimate with the brand.

Even if the dripping lipstick logo isn't your favorite, there are umpteenth options to choose from, with T-shirts branded with seminal Jenner phrases such as "Like, realizing stuff" and "I'm the Kylie, you're the Kendall" (less catchy) in her graphic red font.

You've probably already seen most of the merch previewed on The Kylie Shop Instagram, like the calendar, which she teased four days ago.

But seeing it all together is definitely its own kind of thrill.

In the Kardashian way, it's best together (d'aw? Is this a "d'aw" moment?).

But still great on its own. Whether you're there in the flesh or waiting on the online Kylie Shop store to open tomorrow, the "every man for himself" ethos might be one to consider.