There Are No Prices In The Kylie Jenner Shop

Kylie Jenner's pop-up Kylie Jenner Shop opened today to a massive line, but this store's unusual in more than the "how is this happening" sense. According to reports from Bustle's West Coast Fashion & Beauty Editor Sara Tan, who is on the scene, as well as peopl on Twitter, there are no prices in the Kylie Jenner Shop. That doesn't mean it's free, though (can you imagine that mob scene?) Nope. Here are the details on the Kylie Jenner Shop price sitch.

Instead of a typical store with prices on items, you're only informed of item prices at the register. There's no word on exactly why the policy is in place, but my best guess is that it's to keep people from loading up on the cheap goods to resell later — and to add an element of mystery and suspense at the register? However, I'm no Jenner, so this is just speculation. But given the precautions that the Westfield mall, home of the pop-up, is taking against the scene turning to full chaos, it makes sense they'd try to throw up every roadblock.

Regardless, the pricing mystery is causing some anguish online, with people Tweeting about their need to see the prices of merch before they commit to buying.

Chances are that will happen once the online version of The Kylie Shop launches on Dec. 10, but for now you'll be guessing how much items the items will cost you.

The idea getting to the register only to realize the T-shirt you wanted to buy costs way more than you were willing to spend is part terrifying, part hilarious.

Some people are taking a get it done perspective.

And even picking up extra shifts to make it happen.

Staying reasonable is definitely the hope.

Honesty is the best policy.

Hopefully the online shop doesn't take the same pricing tactic, or else the case of the Girl Who Accidentally Spent A Ton At Sephora could be us all.

Image: TheKylieShop/Instagram