J.Crew's New Collab Is A Chocolate Lover's Heaven

If a day of chocolate and clothing sounds like your dream afternoon, then a certain clothing brand may have just given you the best holiday gift of all time. J.Crew x Compartés Chocolatier is the high end collaboration you've been waiting for because it involves adorable holiday clothing and luxury chocolate. How could you not love that? While a clothing retailer and a chocolatier may not seem like the most obvious collaboration ever, it's a great way to bring together brick and mortar retail of accessible fashion and luxury chocolate: two things pretty much anyone can appreciate.

What exactly does the collaboration mean, though? Since it's the holiday season, J.Crew is currently hosting their 12 Days of J.Crew holiday promotion. In the 12 day event, the brand is teaming up with other partners like Paper Source to bring specials to fans of the brand. Now, on days 9-11, the brand teamed up with Los Angeles based Compartés to bring delicious chocolate bars to select stores in a very special pop-up shop. They aren't just any chocolate bars, though. These beauties are packaged specifically after J.Crew products, and the result is adorable.

The chocolates, however, can only be picked up by fans of J.Crew at two stores. If you live in New York, you can snag the Compartés bars at the 5th Avenue location of J.Crew. Meanwhile, if you're a West Coast resident, the Los Angeles J.Crew at The Grove will have the bars for sale.

The bars aren't simply plain — but delicious — chocolate, either. They have three different flavors up for grabs at J.Crew. Campfire S'mores, Coffee Cocoa Nibs, and Milk Chocolate Salted Pretzel each feature a different pattern package. True fans of J.Crew can snag the exclusive Milk Chocolate Salted Pretzel. That's right. It's an exclusive flavor just for the brand.

Could you image anything better than strolling through a J.Crew, chocolate bar in hand? I'm pretty hard pressed to think of things that could possibly top it. At $9.95 per bar, the price may seem high for some, but with such quality chocolate, it's totally worth it. In even better news, you can purchase the bars online at the Compartés website.

If you love J.Crew and chocolate, the J.Crew x Compartés collaboration is the perfect day of the brand's 12 Days of J.Crew event. Now, if only every retailer would start stocking chocolate.

Images: Courtesy of J.Crew