There's A Kylie Shop Tee To Suit Your Style

Stop what you’re doing because The Kylie Shop’s inventory is online and ready for the taking. Finally, it’s your chance to grab the coolest Kylie Jenner-inspired clothing, pins, phone cases and more. What sizes are The Kylie Shop t-shirts? Find out before you head over and fill your cart!

There are ten different t-shirt styles to choose from, and at the time of publication, each one was still in stock. There are long sleeve and short sleeve tees, and they range in size from Small to XXL. Some have sexy pictures of a lingere-clad Jenner on the front and others are simple with quotes such as “Like Realizing Stuff” printed across the chest. With so many different style options, you're bound to find something that appeals to you, although without having the option to try stuff on, you can't be totally sure which size you'll need.

According to the website, each of the shirts are 100 percent cotton. They retail from $35 for a short sleeve tee to $45 for a distressed version. All sales are final, not that you’d plan on returning anything you were able to cop from The Kylie Shop. Make sure you get to the website before these items sell out. I’m honestly surprised they’ve stayed in stock this long, but hey, that’s good news for everyone, right?

Get ready to rack up on some wardrobe basics.

Because you can't say no to Kylie Jenner merch.

Like Realizing Stuff Tee, $35, The Kylie Shop

Pieces this relevant in pop culture are just too good to turn down.

Tranquil Longsleeve Tee, $40, The Kylie Shop

I mean, really. Could these designs be any cooler?

Kylie & Kendall Distressed Tee, $45, The Kylie Shop

This is my personal favorite shirt of the bunch. It's definitely worth the $45 it'll cost you to own this hole-covered piece, if you ask me.

Get to shopping while supplies last!

Images: Courtesy The Kylie Shop (4)