'SNL's "Dyke & Fats" Want Holiday Respect

On Dec. 10, Saturday Night Live welcomed back everyone's favorite subversive women police duo from the '70s sketch — that's right, officers Les Dykawitz (Kate McKinnon) and Chubbina Fatzarelli (Aidy Bryant). And this time, their next assignment is the most important of them all. The " Dyke & Fats " sketch returned to SNL with a holiday twist, in which the super capable women cops save Christmas. But do they finally receive respect they deserve from from their boss, who is a man played by SNL host John Cena? Well, that remains to be seen.

The women cops returned to the show in a Christmas special, naturally called Dyke & Fats Save Christmas. The super cops save a kidnapped Santa, defuse a bomb in a gingerbread house (because Chubbina eats the bomb), and they get their own holiday presents in the locker room. But when it comes to getting respect for their accomplishments in the workplace, they seem to still have a long way to go. Both Les and Chubbina talk with their supervisor (Cena) at the end of the episode, but they don't quite get a pat on the back. "You are two damn fine cops," he says, trailing off for a bit. "For broads."

This, of course, rightfully sets off the women cops. "And we're back at the women thing," they say, while fighting back in a barely audible fit. Because they saved Christmas! That definitely deserves some respect — and not just for being a woman cop. Sure, Les and Chubbina are in a sketch set in the 1970s, but most women can definitely relate to wanting respect in the workplace and for their accomplishments to be fully acknowledged from their bosses and peers.

Watch part of the sketch in the video below.

Images: NBCSNL (2)/Twitter