9 Incredible Ways To Wear Red Eyeshadow

With the holiday season well underway, you're probably received your fair share of soiree invites. And while you're dressing yourself up for those shindigs, why not try some red eyeshadow looks to take your makeup up a notch?

With a full month booked with festivities, chances are you're going to run through your makeup arsenal real quick. Shimmery eyeshadows and red lipstick are all well and good for those tinsel-heavy parties, but if you get bored of the usual looks that come with the December territory, branch out and try the new red eyeshadow trend.

While some might be skeptical smearing a red palette around their eyes for fear of looking like they came down with a quick case of pink eye in the Uber (when is that ever sexy?) red eyeshadow miraculously skirts around that look and goes straight into fashionable territories. How, you ask? It's all about the way you apply it.

From light, shimmery shades of red that look like Moscato, to geometric shapes and heavy smokey techniques, the way you apply your red shadow matters. If you just smear it on without a plan then, yes, you might look like you have a bad case of allergies or are possibly coming out of the 1800s. However, applied in a modern way, this look absolutely slays.

1. Don't Forget Your Under Eyes

To make your red smokey eye really pop, don't forget to sweep the shadow underneath your eyes to really ring it with that bold color.

2. Use A Light, Shimmery Shade

If you're not ready to go cranberry red with your lids yet, try a light, champagne-tinged alternative. Simply sweep it across your lids, and add a pearl-like shimmer shadow in the middle to help really catch the light.

3. Add Glitter To Your Corners

Want a way to really glow during the holiday circuit? Create a warm, smokey eye with your favorite red shadow, and then add a glittery frost to the corners of your eyes to make them really pop. That way your shadow looks more festive and less pink-eye-prone.

4. Add Dimension With Different Shades

To create some depth in your red look, try mixing two different shades together. For example, in this particular look you can see she brushed on a burnt orange shadow right in the middle of her lids, adding a subtle shift in colors. It's a nice and easy way to break up a block of red.

5. Match Your Shadow To Your Lipstick

Whether you go with a deep wine red or a subtle, orange-ish hue, a beautiful way to make the shadow look a little less Victorian is to match your shadow with your lips. The outcome will be a bold and fearless face.

6. Try Red & Brown

To make your look more 2016 and a little less wiccan, try matching your intense red shadow with a nude or matte brown lip. It'll feel more modern, and bring out the warm, winter tones.

7. Pair It With A Dark Lip

Or to go even more intense, skip the warm nude tones and fast-forward straight into your deep purples and blacks. The juxtaposition will be intense, but it makes for a dazzling makeup look.

8. Use It With A Smoky Eye

Instead of creating a full red eye, try usind the cranberry shadow as only an accent. Like in the example above, shadow a silver shimmer across your lid, and then swipe on the red on top as a warm accent.

9. Choose A Bright Red Shade

Don't be afraid of the frostier hues. To make your eyes pop with light rather than smolder, pick a shimmery, bright red to really bring out that holiday spirit in your makeup routine.

From fever dream to beauty queen, these looks are just some of the amazing red eyeshadow inspiration out there. Now go forth and bring another a whole new meaning to the phrase "seeing red."

Images: @NikkiTutorials/ Instagram