Glitter Strobing Is One Makeup Trend You'll Want To Try For The Holidays — VIDEOS

If you're looking for a fun way to bring all that tinsel and sparkle into your own beauty regimen this holiday season, why not try glitter strobing? If you've grown bored of contouring and highlighting and want something new to play with, then this new makeup trend could be right up your alley.

According to PopSugar, the technique is going to be the look du jour this party season. "Strobing is a trendy highlighting technique, which consists of applying a shimmery illuminator to the high points of the face like cheekbones, the cupid's bow, and browbones. We decided to kick this popular method into high gear by layering on glitter as a finishing touch," Popsugar reported.

The beauty of glitter strobing is that it's a simple move that packs a huge punch. To achieve it, all you have to do is follow your usual strobing steps — sweeping highlighter from your brow bones to underneath your cheekbones in a "C" shape — and then amping up the shine with a dusting of glitter.

Sweeping on some sparkle where your highlighter is accents the face in a mega-wattage kind of way, and it'll be sure to attract some compliments as you make your way through your RSVP'd soirees. Check out some serious glitter strobing inspiration — and some product suggestions — below.

1. A Subtle Shimmer DIY

In Shivon's YouTube tutorial, she created a shimmery look by sweeping glitter underneath her brow bones and across the plains of her cheeks to create a light and subtle look when it came to sparkles.

shivonmakeupbiz on YouTube

2. Dollar Store Strobing

Who says you have to shell out big dollars to achieve a glamorous holiday look? Chanel used dollar store glitter to create her intense tinsel shine in her YouTube tutorial. Even if you don't want to put glitter all over your face like she did, you can still consider dabbing on the cheap sparkles on the points you want to most highlight.

Chanelsweets83 on YouTube

3. Use Highly Pigmented Strobing Powders

If you don't want to put real glitter directly on your face, then try using highly pigmented strobing powders instead. According to Deanna's YouTube swatch video, the L.A. Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powders give you an intense, shimmery shine that gives you a boost in watts that normal highlighters can't.

Deanna Borocz on YouTube

4. Glitter Injections

Another great brand that will give you a highly pigmented shine is Glitter Injections. They offer everything from pressed glitter palettes to loose glitter injections, giving you options when it comes to how much shine you want to sweep onto your face. If you want to create the glitter strobe, simply use their loose glitter palettes and sweep the dust across your cheeks and underneath your brow bones.

Now that you know you have options, get your shine on!

Images: @Chanelsweets83/ YouTube (1); @Deanna Borocz/ YouTube (1); @shivonmakeupbiz/ YouTube (1)