Kylie Jenner's Xtina Tribute Is Perfect

If I could have ever dreamed that styling myself like Christina Aguilera would score me an invite to her birthday party, I'd have kept my all-things-Xtina fashion streak going from 1999. Seriously, there are multitudes of pictures I can send the star's way. Anyone have an address? Anyway, enough about me. As you may recall, Kylie Jenner rocked Aguilera's "Dirrty" look for Halloween, and over the weekend, Jenner dressed up in Aguilera's "Dirrty" outfit again for the pop star's birthday party. So, yes, you can consider me utterly and completely jealous, so much so that I can barely see straight.

Living out ever '90s kid's dream, Jenner not only got to go to Aguilera's birthday in an iconically badass lookalike outfit, but she got to party with the singer directly. And by "party," I mean she got to sit on Aguilera's lap, snuggle up to her, and share a smooch or two. Basically, as Jenner's Instagram post proves, the reality star was anointed X-Tina's unofficial protege. For real, you guys, all that was left out was a scepter and some form of legality — otherwise it seems that this new apprenticeship is pretty legit.

In addition to the video, Jenner and Aguilera took a sweet and affectionate picture together where the two look like either lifelong friends or total sisters. The rapport between them is quite evident, as Aguilera's bear hug from behind shows.

The green-eyed monster within me aside, Jenner totally deserves the coveted spot on Aguilera's court. She really lived the part, even before she got to the party. As her snaps show, Jenner was pre-gaming with Aguilera music at home as she perfected her get-up. Yes, with "Dirrty." Of course.

This newfound friendship could potentially be the cutest thing Hollywood has to offer in terms of meshing old and new pop culture icons. Bring on Ky-Tina. Or, maybe Chylie? I don't know, I guess I'll let the internet decide.