Drake's New Single "Days in the East" Reveals Who He Really Loves — LISTEN

J. Law who? It's like Drake knew we'd all be talking about it and was laughing all the way to the bank. Just one day after the release of "Draft Day", Drake has dropped another new single called "Days in the East" and it's like he's using it to speak directly to the fans of him and Rihanna. "Mention other girls, you get insecure already," Drake raps on the track, but is he talking to Rihanna, to the imaginary (and not so imaginary) women his songs go out to, or to everyone who took his lyric-crush on Jennifer Lawrence and ran with it?

"Days in the East" has an experimental feel. The backbeat is slow and subtle enough to seem almost nonexistent compared to the swirling, pulsing melody that Drake sings and raps to. It's another one of those mellow songs about a girl who is with a guy who doesn't deserve them as much as the singer does, but there is a meaningful verse in which Drake reflects on a time when he and Erykah Badu had tea together.

"We talked about love and what life can really be for me," the song's lyrics reflects. "She said when that shit is real, you just know."

Directly before the nostalgic story, there is a sample of "Stay" by Rihanna: "I threw my hands in the air said show me something". Very subtle, Drake. It's a safe bet that, even if Drake wasn't poking fun at the press when he recorded the song, he probably chose to release it as his next single to send a message about which girl is really on his mind.

Listen to the song below.