24 Feminist Gifts That Are Also Practical AF

As we get older, picking out gifts for friends, family members, or co-workers gets harder and harder. But if you're friends with someone who proudly identifies as a feminist (and if you aren't, why?), then I've got you covered. "Gifts for feminists" might not sound like the most exciting term when you first hear it, but trust me — any strong feminist out there would more than appreciate the below options. They say, "I'm a total #Boss and, yes, I still know how to have a good time." These unique gift options are fun, aesthetically pleasing, practical, and make a strong statement. What else could you ask for? They're so great that you might consider buying them for yourself instead of others... which, to be honest, I support (or at least add them to your wish list!).

When picking out a gift for the badass in your life who gets sh*t done and knows how to stand up for herself and others, you want to find something that communicates that. And these gifts do! They'll inspire them, every day, to keep being the awesome feminist that they are, and to ignore anyone who says they can't do what they want to do. Right now, with the state of this country, we need that kind of thinking more than ever. So, use this holiday season as an excuse to celebrate every feminist in your life with these cool gifts. Some might be unexpected, but all are basically perfection.

1. He Offered Her The World Wine Glass

THIS. Because, honestly, we don't need dudes to give us the world. We can get it ourselves. This might be the best wine glass I've ever seen.

He Offered Her The World Wine Glass, $19, Jac Vanek

2. World Domination Notebook

This notebook is for every #GirlBoss who is ready to take over the world. Not only does it look great, but it's also helpful for anyone to carry around a small notebook — it will keep you more organized and put together.

Gypsy Warrior Plans For World Domination Notebook, $18, Shop Nylon

3. Strong Female Lead Clutch

Whether she uses this clutch as a bag to hold smaller items for her handbag, or as an actual clutch, she can't go wrong. And neither can you, with this as a gift.

Strong Female Lead Clutch, $40, Realm

4. I Am Very Busy Charger

This not only makes a statement, but is a super helpful present. I don't know anyone, especially any hard workers, who couldn't use another portable power bank.

Flex Your Hustle Power Bank, $41.99, Modcloth

5. A Watch And Card Holder Set

I don't think I'm alone in associating a simple watch with someone who works hard and is constantly busy. This slim leather band comes with a matching card holder that says "The world is your oyster..." and honestly, I might like that better than the watch.

ASOS Watch and Card Holder Set, $43, ASOS

6. Walk Of No Shame Duffle Bag

Although it's unlikely that your feminist friend will have this on hand after a one-night stand, it's still a terrific duffle bag and can be used for lots of other reasons. Because really, why should anyone be ashamed of having a good time?

Gypsy Warrior No Shame Duffle Bag, $28, Gypsy Warrior

7. Too Hot For You Mug

For your feminist friend who also loves a great cup of coffee, this mug makes the best gift. Hey, there's nothing wrong with being confident and demanding what you deserve!

Jac Vanek Strong Sweet Mug, $16, Shop Nylon

8. Who Run The Office? Desk Plaque

Have a friend who works full-time? Get her this amazing plaque. OK, she really doesn't even need to be in an office to enjoy this — it can just be a daily mantra to remember whenever one is feeling down.

Who Run The Office? Desk Plaque, $29.99, Modcloth

9. Gal With A Plan Planner

Part of being a grown ass woman is staying organized and on top of your schedule. A planner makes that a whole lot easier, especially when it looks like this.

Gal With A Plan 2017 Planner, $28, Valfre

10. Soulmate Mirror

For your friend who always likes a mirror on hand for touch-ups, this one is the best I've seen. It speaks the truth!

Soulmate Micro Mirror, $12, Jac Vanek

11. Ain't No Wifey Anorak Jacket

Is this not the best anorak you've ever seen? Whoever wears this is reminding everyone what you're really made of.

DimePiece LA Ain't No Wifey Anorak Jacket, $80, Shop Nylon

12. In The Company Of Women by Grace Bonney

Coffee table books can sometimes be useless, but this one is great. It includes lots of motivational quotes and pieces of advice from rad women all over the world. It makes a great gift.

In The Company Of Women, $35, Anthropologie

13. An Inspirational MantraBand

Sure, stuff like this is a little corny, but it's also kind of nice to look down at your wrist and see something motivational. This is also just really pretty, even without the kickass quote.

MantraBand Cuff, $25-$35, Nordstrom

14. Smart-Ass Ringer Tee

Because who says you need to act like a lady all the time? This tee under a blazer would look super cute.

Smart Ass Ringer Tee, $44, Jac Vanek

15. Boss Phone Case

We use our phones constantly, so why not make a statement with our phone case? This "boss" case is simple, but gets the point across... and anyone you buy it for will be flattered.

Skinnydip Marble Boss iPhone Case, $22, ASOS

16. Grow A Pair Muscle Tee

Taking the problematic phrase "grow a pair" and cleverly subverting it? Check and check.

Grow-A-Pair Muscle Tee, $36, Valfre

17. My Favorite Position Tote Bag

A casual tote bag is a must-have for any feminist, whether it's being used as a shopping bag or for work or school. And this one relives the awesome moment Lauren Conrad said this in an interview and made us all love her a little more.

My Favorite Position Is CEO Tote Bag, $24.95, Feminist Apparel

18. Busy Necklace

Cute necklaces with words are the best, and this one lets everyone know that your friend isn't in the mood to take their sh*t.

Goldeen Busy Necklace, $40,

19. Girl Power Dad Cap

Make the most of the baseball hat trend with this "girl power" cap. Black and white goes with everything, these are really trendy right now, and this one is beyond cute.

NYLON x Petals and Peacocks Dad Hat, $28, Shop Nylon

20. #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

I think books like these always make for a great gift, and this is an especially inspirational choice. Buy this for the friend or family member who works hard, has just gotten a job, is getting ready to graduate college, or... really anyone. It's full of helpful advice and important things to remember.

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, $15, Nasty Gal

21. Feminist Hero Necklace

How can you say no to something created by the Broad City girls? This bar necklace is cute from far away, badass from up close.

Broad City x Fab Feminist Hero Necklace, $55,

22. Tell Me To Smile Duffle Bag

Whether she's going to the gym, needs a big bag for work or school, or is traveling, this duffle bag makes a huge and important feminist statement.

Gear From Last Night Duffle Bag, $25, Shop Nylon

23. The Power Of Women Tank

I love this tank top, which says "Never underestimate the power of woman." We need to be reminded of that more often!

The Power Of A Woman Muscle Tee, $68, Nasty Gal

24. Girls Fight Back Tee

The feminist female in your life will love this sassy but sweet tank top.

Girls Fight Back Baby Tee, $36, Valfre

Images: Courtesy of Brands