Someone's Creeping On 'The Walking Dead'

It wouldn't be a Walking Dead finale without a cliffhanger. In the Season 7 midseason finale, however, the moment was a little quiet. Who is watching Father Gabriel on The Walking Dead ? The mysterious person had a hood, some epic binoculars, and wasn't afraid to leave big ol' bootprints in the mud that marked their arrival.

It seems that the person who was following Aaron and Rick has made it to Alexandria. On Talking Dead, Robert Kirkman said that whoever it is will play a big part in the second half of Season 7. Who is it? Carol, checking in on her friends? She has been known to disguise herself in the past. Is it a Savior? It could easily be Dwight, or Sherry. Maybe someone from Oceanside? What about Heath? Maybe it's someone that Rick's group encountered briefly in a previous season. What if someone escaped the Grady Memorial Hospital, or Terminus, and managed to meet back up with the Alexandrians?

The only character to do that on the show, really, is Morgan. There is definitely a "Morgan" vibe about this person's garb and actions. If it isn't Morgan himself, this character could be the New Morgan. The Walking Dead is never short on eccectric anti-heroes, and Morgan is defintely cooling down at the Kingdom.

Personally, I think that it is whoever was living on that island that Rick and Aaron encountered. That whole detour was too short. There has to be a reason that Aaron kept that note. They're clearly a fan of guerilla warfare, which could come in handy in the fight against Negan. Let's just hope that whoever these boots belong to, they prove to be more friend than foe when The Walking Dead returns.

Images: Gene Page/AMC