Bruce & Kris Jenner Vacation Together in Thailand: Consciously Recoupled?

Hot of the heels of Bruce Jenner's hair extensions, it seems the on-again off-again couple might be back on, at least for the moment. TMZ reports the Keeping up with the Kardashian parents Bruce and Kris Jener vacationed together in Thailand. Sure, the whole family was there as well, but the fact that the two usually feuding people agreed on a vacation together, is surely a step in the right direction.

When the pair arrived at LAX after the exotic getaway, they appeared to be holding hands. Strolling through the Los Angeles airport looking less and less like a separated couple. According to the site, a photographer questioned Bruce about their rekindled romance, to which he responded: "We've never been apart." They were both wearing their wedding rings.

So what's all this nonsense about the pair separating in October? Kris said publically the pair were parting ways, and didn't Bruce move out of their shared home? Regardless, we're glad to see the pair, who have been married for 22 years, (possibly) reconciling, if only for a brief moment, or only for the benefit of the camera's shutter.