Bill Clinton Has A Lot Of Feelings About Aliens, Area 51, And the Roswell Papers

On Wednesday night, former President Bill Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about the White House, boxer Manny Pacquiao — and aliens. When Kimmel shifted the discussion around to Clinton's time as president and classified files on UFOs, Clinton revealed that during his first term, he instructed aides to research Area 51 (the top-secret Nevada military facility that no-one knows a thing about.) The reason? "To make sure there was no alien down there."

Nope, we're not joking.

Kimmel had joked: "If I was President — and I won't be, let's be honest — the first thing I would do... I would run to the White House, I would demand to see all the classified files on the UFOs." Clinton replied that, at the beginning of his presidency, he had his aides research Area 51. This was approximately 50 years after the alleged 1947 UFO siting in Roswell, New Mexico. The aides reviewed everything, including the Roswell Papers.

Kimmel's follow-up question: "If you saw that there were aliens there, would you tell us?"

Clinton's answer: "Yeah."

He didn't stop there. Clinton even went on to say that he "wouldn't be surprised" if extraterrestrials visited our planet. "I just hope that it is not like 'Independence Day.'"

Clinton finished off the discussion on aliens by dropping this pearl of wisdom.

That may be the only way to unite this incredibly divided world of ours. They are out there — we better think of how all the difference among people on earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader. That is the whole theory of 'Independence Day.' Everybody gets together and makes nice.

"You and Bill O'Reilly would be hiding in a bunker together," quipped Kimmel.

Needless to say, it was an epic exchange. You can watch the video below:


As for the idea of aliens visiting us? Given that vegetable gardens will soon exist in space, as does high-speed Internet, aliens coming to Earth might just be right around the corner.