43 Statement Earrings To Rock Over The Holidays

by Tiffany Dodson

It's pretty safe to say that the holidays are the perfect occasion to dress up. Of course, your outfit and makeup are super important, but so are your accessories — particularly a super fly pair of statement earrings. A good pair of statement earrings can make a girl feel extra fancy and pull an entire look together the way most regular studs just aren't equipped to. May they be dangly, chandelier-shaped, or just flat out huge — these accessories are seemingly one of a kind, and highly desired by fashionistas everywhere.

If the style element doesn't convince you, statement earrings also come in handy as a quick ice breaker, or awkwardness if you get forced to converse with a group of partygoers that you don't know too well. After all, 'tis the season for a holiday party, right? Why not look effortlessly bomb while clinking your champagne glass with the person next to you, and start the next year off in style?

This guide to virtually every style and aesthetic of statement earrings has totally got you covered. Get you hands on a pair and make your way through the holiday season with a bit of panache.

1. Pom Poms

Limited Edition Pom Pom Drop Earrings, $15.15,

These colorful earrings are so adorable.

2. Oversized

Large earrings, $26,

You'll totally slay any outfit with a pair of oversized earrings.

3. Green Stones

Moonrock Drops-Green, $58,

These earrings take me back to the best moments of earth science.

4. Rings Chain

London Statement Earring, $24,

With statement earrings like these, you won't need much more jewelry on NYE.

5. Star Power

Star Earrings with Crystals, $19.90,

Now these are studs that pack a fashion punch, and can be worn with almost anything.

6. Mixed Media

Mixed pieces earrings, $19.99,

You won't have to worry that someone else is rocking the same earrings as you with these bad boys.

7. Hoops On Hoops

Double Hoop Earrings, $4.90,

Why not take your hoops to the next level? Pair these with flair jeans or a sparkly mini skirt.

8. Tassel Season

Beaded Cluster Feather Tassel Earrings, $19.90,

These tassel earrings totally belong in a party scene from Gossip Girl.

9. Drop Earrings

ABS by Allen Schwartz Double Drop Earrings, $22.05,

These statement earrings would work perfectly with a shimmery NYE dress.

10. Ear Plate

Five-Star Ear Cuff, $9.25 ea.,

I love a good ear crawler, and these have a definite night time vibe.

11. Floral

ASOS Statement Flower Perspex Drop Earrings, $23,

Pair these earrings with your favorite red dress.

12. Threaders

Long Pointe Threaders, $125,

These earrings deserve an outfit that is equally as cool as they are.

13. Opposites Attract

Large Earrings, $9.99,

Opposite earrings will have you looking totally mod on NYE.

14. Blinged Out

Walk the Rhinestone Earrings, $28,

Bring the drama to any outfit in these earrings.

15. Oversized Crosses

High Ruler Cross Earrings, $28,

These statement earrings are giving all the Dolce and Gabbana vibes.

16. Phrases

Pack of Slogan Earrings, $15.90,

Why not wear statement earrings that actually make a statement this NYE?

17. Animated

Kate Spade New York Imagination Monster Hoop Earrings, $98,

With these character earrings, you'll look extra cute in a LBD.

18. Mixed Metals

Argento Vivo Frontal Hoop Earrings, $30,

Pair these earrings with a super chic pantsuit.

19. Abstract

Kenneth Jay Lane Abstract Triple-Drop Earrings, $49,

Take these earrings a step further and rock a similarly colored dress.

20. Feather Earrings

Feathered Tulle Earrings, $54,

These pretty earrings would work well with a sheer statement top.

21. Minimalistic

Gold Deco Hoops, $148,

These awesome statement earrings would work with just about anything.

22. Fringe

Faye Fringe Front/Back Earring, $20,

These fringe earrings are just asking for a smoky eye.

23. Holiday Ready

Holiday Flashing Light Drop Earring, $5,

With these earrings, you'll certainly be lighting up the room.

24. Long Earrings

Ruby Feathers Catalina Feathers, $118,

With playful earrings like these, you'll need an equal playful outfit. Pair these with a piece that has a great deep V neckline.

25. Ear Cuff

Phoenix Wing Ear Cuffs-Gray, $36,

These earrings offer just the right amount of glam without going over the top.

26. Teardrop

Rosemarie Collections Women's Double Teardrop Crystal Statement Evening Earrings (in Smoke), $24.99,

A dark crystal earring would really set off a daring red jumpsuit.

27. Extra Colorful

These gorgeous earrings will match the confetti you'll most likely be throwing once the ball drops.

Kate Spade New York Statement Multi-Drop Earrings, $148,

28. Sequin

Leather-Backed Sequin Petal Earrings, $65,

These funky sequin earrings would look perfect with an equally colorful skirt or dress.

29. Chandelier

Antique Gold Chandelier Earrings, $65,

Chandelier earrings offer a classical touch to any holiday outfit.

30. Fan

Crystal Fan Earrings, $48,

Nude earrings and a red lip are a match made in holiday heaven.

31. Geometric

Geometric Earrings, $15.99,

Geometric earrings are classic and edgy at the same time.

32. Tortoise Shell

Mixed pendant earrings, $19.99,

A classic tortoise shell pattern is a sophisticated touch for NYE.

33. Cut Out

Cutout Cube Ear Jackets, $7.90,

These chic statement earrings would look great with an amazing metallic dress.

34. Food Inspired

Marc Jacobs Pineapple Drop Earrings, $75,

With these sassy pineapple earrings, everyone will know you'll be the life of the party.

35. Animalistic

Elizabeth Cole Georgy Earrings, $255,

You'll definitely stand out from the pack in these amazingly wild earrings from Elizabeth Cole.

36. Mesh

Jules Smith Crystal Mesh Wave Earrings, $32,

These gorgeous crystal earrings will have you shinning all the way into 2017.

37. Angular

Luiny Trazo Hoop Drop Earrings, $228,

Pair these earrings with a flowy top and channel your inner bohemian goddess.

38. Dangle Earrings

Mercury Rising Dangle Earrings, $38,

These pretty earrings would look bomb with an open back dress.

39. Safety Pin

Tova Mixed Safety Pin Earrings, $118,

These earrings prove that safety pins aren't just meant for your clothes.

40. Pave Style

Knock Knock Pave Earrings, $28,

Your NYE outfit will be an instant hit with these knock out statement earrings.

41. Art Deco

Square to Dance Drop Earrings, $20,

These chic earrings lend themselves to any type of going out outfit.

42. Pearly Whites

ASOS Statement Jewel Faux Pearl Strand Earrings, $18.50,

You can't go wrong with a classic pearl earring, especially when it comes to evening wear.

43. A Bug's Life

ASOS Bug Drop Earrings, $18.50,

Insects may be creepy, but that doesn't mean that can't also be fashionable.

Rocking any of these awesome statement earrings during the holidays will have you looking fierce on your way to 2017. Cheers to your newly upped style game.

Images: Courtesy Brands