Ryan Gosling Says He Has A "Dream" Family

by Michelle McGahan

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling is here to gush about his partner and children and his "dream life" and you'll be even more in love with him than ever. Seriously, Gosling gushing about his family is probably the most genuinely sweet thing you'll read all day. It's not in an obnoxious way, either (how could RyGos ever be obnoxious?), but instead makes you realize that in addition to being gorgeous and talented, and a 2017 Golden Globe nominee, he's also probably the world's best husband and best dad. DAMMIT, RYAN GOSLING.

In a new interview with GQ, Gosling — who is usually so notoriously private about his family that both of his children's births and his relationship with Eva Mendes were surprises — opens up about his family in such a thoughtful, truthful way that it will probably bring a tear (or several) to your eye.

"You hear what it's like to have kids, and all the clichés are true. I felt I knew that everything would be different, but until you experience that, there's no way to really know what people mean," he told the magazine. " ... And in my situation, Eva's the dream mother, and they're dream babies, and it's like a dream that I'm having right now. I'm dreaming it all. So I feel so lucky."

For Gosling, having kids was "not something I really thought about, or even thought I wanted. I didn't have a romanticized idea of it.… It came about in a very surprising and kind of organic way," he revealed. "There was nothing kind of premeditated about it, you know. It just suddenly was: My life had changed. And thank God it did." Gosling and Mendes are the proud parents of daughters Esmerelda and Amada, who you know will grow up to be stellar adults — thanks in part to the lessons that they're already teaching their parents just by being themselves.

"When you meet your kids you realize that they deserve great parents," the La La Land star explained. "And then you have your marching orders and you have to try and become the person that they deserve."

With all the dreaminess in which he describes his family, it's safe to say that after reading his GQ interview, Ryan Gosling himself is also a "dream person."

Editor's Note: This article previously stated that Eva Mendes was Ryan Gosling's wife. It has been edited to correctly state the status of their relationship.

Image: Giphy