DJ Khaled x Palmer's Cocoa Butter Is A Thing

by Rachel Nussbaum

DJ Khaled has got it all. From personal Khaled "keys" like "coconut water, normal water...weekly haircuts, a gold sink, clean heart, clean face, green apples" to the literal key to Miami Beach, the man's successfully worked his way from mere DJ-hood to worldwide renown. The latest evidence is his capsule collection for Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion, a move that'll make sense for anyone who's ever glanced at his story — the lotion is a star player. For people wondering where to buy DJ Khaled's Palmer's line (and get that much closer to the Khaled lifestyle), the internet holds the key (eh?).

The lotion range will be available in two places: Khaled's website, We The Best Store, and Dropping Dec. 13, the lotions come in three iterations. There's Khaled's favorite, They Block, Live Life Smooth, and We The Best Glow (sadly not a highlighter, as perfect as the name would be).

DJ Kahleed's Special Edition Cocoa Butter, $7, Palmers

According to Khaled's segment on The Daily Show, anytime there's negative energy you apply They Block and it'll have you covered. Live Life Smooth is so-named because "why live life rough," and We The Best Glow, apparently, "ladies love because you smell so great they just come at you." A video promo for the lotion shows the promise in action.

DJ Kahleed's Special Edition Cocoa Butter, $7, Palmers

Make what you will of the marketing promises, but Khaled is known for his positivity and accessible spirit — I can do it, you can do it, we all can do it together, so his pairing with Palmer's makes total sense.

The capsule collection is limited edition, so get it while you can — branded with DJ Khaled’s trademark gold key and signature, it's the full experience (you might remember fans requesting Khaled sign their cocoa butter bottles). He knows what the people want.

In a press release from the brand, Khaled said, “I only work with brands that represent my lifestyle and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is a product I’ve been using for 15 years. The DJ Khaled x Palmer’s capsule collection is a passion project of mine because my fans can now have a piece of my ‘glow.'”

Head to either website on Tuesday to grab a bottle, or New York-based fans can get theirs in the flesh at a Tuesday event with the mogul himself.

DJ Kahleed's Special Edition Cocoa Butter, $7, Palmers

Lotion's all well and good, especially with winter skin woes very real. But in my heart of hearts, I hope a partnership with lions comes next.

Images: DJKhaled/Instagram (2)