The New Kylie Cosmetics Bundles Are A Great Deal

Kylie Cosmetics is truly the gift that keeps on giving. After releasing an impressively extensive Holiday Collection chock full of new products, the brand has announced a special "12 Days of Christmas" promotion that offered even more exciting newness. Waking up to a new makeup surprise each day has been nothing short of thrilling, and sadly we have come to the very final one. Fortunately, the Day 12 surprise is the most amazing of all. How much are the new Kylie Cosmetics Holiday bundles? You must be dying to know.

If you have been flipping through Instagram today, you are likely aware that Kylie Cosmetics has dropped two brand new limited-edition bundles on Dec. 12. The first is "Fan Favorites," and includes some beloved classics like the Koko K Lip Kit, Literally Gloss, and the Bronze Kyshadow palette, as well as some newer launches such as the brush set, black Kyliner Kit, and dripping lips keychain. The second bundle is called "Holiday Must-Haves," and stays true to its name, comprised of the Merry and Vixen Lip Kits, all three holiday crème shadows, a silver makeup bag, pom pom keychain, and a fuzzy white stocking. Both bundles are widely extensive, including about 8-9 products each.

So, how much will you have to lay out for these beauties?

According to the site, the Fan Favorites bundle is priced at $150.

$200 worth of products for $150?! Yes, please.

The Holiday Must-Haves bundle is a tad cheaper at $125.

Which is even more wow-worthy given that its contents are worth $230 — talk about a steal!

As with everything else Kylie Cosmetics launches, these bundles are likely to sell out quickly, so you'd better hurry and cop yours ASAP!

Images: Kylie Cosmetics (2); KylieCosmetics/Instagram