'Biggest Loser' Rachel Frederickson Announces Weight Gain But Maybe She Shouldn't Have

Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson's weight loss journey hasn't been an easy one. The 24-year-old checked into the Biggest Loser ranch at 260 pounds and ended her Biggest Loser journey at a slim 105 pounds — a weight that, by many people's standards, was simply "too low." The controversy over Rachel Frederickson's weight loss sparked a lot of chatter, but hardly any from Rachel herself, who has stayed mostly quiet on the matter — until now, that is. Rachel has opened up about her journey to Us Weekly, which is great. Unfortunately, her reason for opening up seems like it is catering to all of the people who slammed her slim body in the first place.

In the new interview with Us Weekly, Rachel tells the magazine that she has finally reacher her "perfect weight." Her perfect weight happens to be 20-pounds over the weight that she was at the Biggest Loser finale. It's perfectly acceptable for Rachel to feel comfortable weighing more than she did at the finale but while Rachel may be thrilled with her new body and want to show it off, I have the suspicion that she's looking for approval from the audience who watched her lose weight on Biggest Loser — fans who were disappointed in seeing a very thin woman winning the competition.

Rachel's slimmer body was so heavily criticized post-finale that many fans believed that Rachel had developed an eating disorder. I don't know if Rachel ever had food issues that would have led to her dramatic weight loss, but there is one thing that I do know, and that's that Rachel doesn't need to keep apologizing for her body.

It's amazing that she's in a healthy, fit place, but she shouldn't feel obligated to show her progress off to the world.

Image: NBC