'GoT' Season 4 Premiere Trailer Is Chilling

No, this is not another trailer for Game Of Thrones Season 4 as a whole. We have alreday experienced many (many) of those. Except for a few plot details we pretty much know what they want us to know about what's up in Westeros this season. What we haven't caught up with nearly as much, though, is what's actually scheduled to go down in our first episode Hence the most recent Game Of Thrones teaser, which focuses on Sunday's Season 4 premiere.

So what can we expect from this first episode back? Well, according to the trailer:

  • Daenerys is continuing her takeover tour, like she's the Beyonce of Westeros. She's particularly proud of the irony she's cultivated in conquering a city built by slaves with her army of freed slaves. Geddit.
  • Tywin Lannister continues his reign of terrible fatherdom by basically being all "na na na na na na" towards Jaime about the fact that he has one hand and can therefore no longer serve in the Kings Guard. Joffrey smirks douchily.
  • Jaime responds by trying to go bang Joffrey's mom (reminder: Also his twin sister), is pissed at being rebuffed because, and I quote, "I murdered people so I could be here with you!" Cersei sings "No Scrubs" as she slides outta the room.
  • Jon Snow is concerned about Wildlings south of the Wall, which I'm pretty sure has been a concern since the pilot.
  • People make out.
  • Oberyn Martell hits on Tyrion.
  • Big-ass teenaged dragons!!!

Are you genuinely excited for Sunday? I am so genuinely excited for Sunday. DRAGONS.

Images: HBO, Tumblr, Tumblr