Is Beauty Pie The Next Big Thing In Beauty?

by Tiffany Dodson

Founded by beauty entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore (of Bliss and Soap & Glory fame), Beauty Pie is a new, UK-based beauty membership service that refers to itself as being makeup "without the mumbo jumbo." The membership promises to deliver beauty goods at a fraction of the cost, but is a Beauty Pie membership worth it? The first thing to note is that Beauty Pie doesn't consider itself a typical subscription service, but rather, a membership — in other words, the customer is completely in charge of what they receive.

"With Beauty Pie, you are getting products you want and are selecting yourself. Having a membership is like having a backstage pass to shop straight off the manufacturing line from a variety of world-class cosmetic manufacturers," says Beauty Pie founder Marcia Kilgore in an email to Bustle. "You also don’t have to be a member to buy Beauty Products. If you love our foundation but aren’t a member, you can still buy your products, but you will not be paying membership price."

The company launched in December 2016, and has makeup staples like foundation, mascara, and blush available for purchase. The brand is already planning to release 365 new makeup products within the next year, as well as tools in January, and a skin care section to follow in April.

Beauty Pie Future Lipstick Matte, $25, Beauty Pie

According to PopSugar, Kilgore created this concept based her past work with beauty suppliers, and hopes the idea will appeal to money-conscious beauty junkie everywhere. There are two options available at sign up: $10/monthly, or $120/annually (plus a free gift). With either option, you can receive access to beauty products at dirt cheap factory prices, but if you opt for a monthly membership, you can only cancel after the first three months.

If you haven't signed up yet, you can still buy products, but they'll be at full price. Without a Beauty Pie membership, a regular customer can purchase the brand's Future Lipstick Matte for $25, but a member could snag the lipstick for an amazing $2.38 (!) at factory price — in other words, a huge difference.

If the price difference wasn't enough to convince you, Kilgore and the Beauty Pie team are also working toward developing packaging for their cosmetics that is recyclable, as to cut down on waste contribution in landfills.

"When you first pick up your Beauty Pie products, you will notice how lightweight they feel. That’s on purpose. We haven’t added the usual heavy over-the-top ornate caps or false-bottomed plastic jars," says Kilgore. "We have made it part of our mission to always make sure that our packaging is as ecologically conscious as possible and are always working to make changes and advancements as well."

Beauty Pie Uber Curl Drama Mascara, $24, Beauty Pie

But is Beauty Pie worth it for the average consumer? If you decide to lock down a membership with the brand (which totals a minimum of $30), you're eligible to purchase up to $100 per month of products from the site at retail value. Without a membership, Beauty Pie's products range from around $19 to about $44 individually. In other words, Beauty Pie definitely seems like pretty good deal, and every beauty lover should take a closer look.

Images: Courtesy Beauty Pie