7 Petitions Against Rex Tillerson That Suggest Environmentalists Are His Biggest Obstacle

Since he's been CEO of the massive oil company Exxon Mobil for a decade, it should come as no surprise that environmentalists oppose Rex Tillerson being named secretary of state by Donald Trump. If one searches for petitions protesting his future involvement in the president's cabinet, almost all of them have been created by organizations battling climate change and working to conserve forests, clean water, and animal habitats.

In 2012, Tillerson secured a deal between Exxon and Russian oil company Rosneft worth roughly $500 billion, but the partnership fell through after the U.S. and European Union imposed energy sanctions on Russia in 2014. The fallout reportedly cost Exxon $1 billion. Environmental groups worry about Tillerson's ability as secretary of state to overturn the sanctions placed on Russia in favor of profitable business ventures. In addition to his ties to Russia, Exxon's noncompliance with the Paris climate agreement and the company's history of denying climate change are other points of contention for environmental activists.

Annie Leonard, executive director of Greenpeace, called Tillerson's appointment "an affront to global progress" and said that it "will place the US economy, our security, and our standing in the world in the same failing predicament Exxon is in right now." Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen released a statement saying, "Rex Tillerson and his company are disproportionately responsible for unconscionable backsliding and delay on climate action. A lifelong employee of Exxon, Tillerson has overseen the company's aggressive attack on state Attorneys General who are investigating Exxon's deception regarding climate science. His company is a main sponsor of the false debate that climate change-denying EPA appointee Scott Pruitt and others are using to slow crucial progress."

Here are seven petitions environmentalist organizations have launched against Trump's latest cabinet pick.

1. 350

2. Food & Water Watch

This group's petition can be found here. The petition's reasoning is summed up as:

3. Climate Truth

4. NextGen Climate

5. Greenpeace

The petition Greenpeace links to in this tweet is hosted by blocktrumpscabinet.com and was created by multiple organizations.

6. Sierra Club

7. Exxon Knew

Unlike the other organizations mentioned in this list, Exxon Knew is solely dedicated to bringing Exxon to justice for allegedly funding the spread of misinformation about climate change, despite knowing climate change to be a reality. Their petition demands an investigation of the corporation.

As you can see, there is at least one group of activists planning on holding Tillerson accountable.