The Internet Is Here For Candy Cane Eyeliner

There is an unspoken competition going on at holiday parties that we all secretly take part in: Who can out-festive everyone else in the room. From ugly sweaters to glittery headbands, we all try our best, but this holiday season anyone rocking candy cane eyeliner is going to be the clear winner.

For those of us who are unwilling to forego their head-to-toe black uniform, even for a holiday party (#guilty), candy cane liner is the perfect solution to being able to wear whatever you want without looking like a grinch. All it takes are red and white eye pencils (and a reallllyyyy steady hand) and you'll be able to fill everyone around you with some extra holiday cheer without having to actually buy them anything, which is always a plus.

The adorable red-and-white eye makeup trend has taken the Internet by storm, and people are seriously obsessed. One of Bustle's own writers tested it out, and said it made her "holiday cheer filled heart grow three sizes." As per usual with any quirky makeup trend, the internet is losing its mind over candy cane eyeliner.

Some are so pumped about it they can barely remember how to type:

Some are totally committed to trying it out:

Some people can't even believe it's real:

And some share are exact sentiments about it #same:

If you want to try candy cane eyeliner out for yourself, be sure to check out fellow Bustle writer Phoebe Walker's tutorial here.

Images: Eyedolize Makeup/Youtube