10 Things You Didn't Know Needed Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again, when you finally have to face what you've been putting off all year long — cleaning. Well, these things at least. We're sure you've been on top of your makeup brush maintenance and tossing out expired eyeliners and mascaras. But we're talking about the things you use almost daily and never really stop to think, "Hmm...this could use a cleaning." Grab some Cflorox wipes and some soap because it's time to get these 10 things spick and span.


That rumor you may have heard that your beloved designer handbag is filthier than a public toilet isn't just a myth. Studies proved it was a fact, and the same goes for the contents inside of your purse, too. Toss out all the unnecessary items collecting germs inside of your purse (receipts, old bottles of lotion, gum wrappers) and give the outside a good cleaning, too. Of course, if you're not sure how to clean your purse (i.e., leather, suede), be sure to consult the manufacturer or the good 'ol Internet before you apply it with something harsh that might ruin its look.


You've had your tweezers for so long, you can't even remember when you first bought them. By now, they might be dull, or worse, rusty. Take a look at yours and see whether it's time to replace them. If they seem to be in working order and just need a good filing, grab some sandpaper to sharpen the tips.


You might be wondering why it's taking longer than usual to dry your hair. When was the last time you dumped out all the lint in the vent? Not only does all that build-up worsen the functionality of your hair dryer, it also puts all that grime back into your clean and healthy hair. Use a toothpick to get as much lint as possible out of the vent and use a damp paper towel to wipe down the excess. Voila — it's like a brand new hair dryer!


Just because you're using soap and hot water on your loofah doesn't mean it's getting a cleaning every time you use it. It could actually be collecting germs and mold when you're not! After using your sponge, you should wring it out to remove excess water and hang it in a ventilated area to dry. It's also recommend that you throw out a loofah after three to four weeks of use.


Sure, you've cleaned your brushes and tossed out old makeup, but have you cleaned the bag that you've been housing them in? Probably not. First, dump everything out. You might be surprised to find products you haven't used in awhile that are taking up too much space in your bag. Then, give the bottom of your makeup bag a deep clean with a clorox wipe or some soap and hot water. If you've discovered that it's just too much of a mess inside, consider getting a new one.


You may have noticed some gunk that has started to build up on either your curling iron or flatiron. It's probably old mousse, gel, hairspray or whatever product you use being burnt to a crisp. Using a little alcohol, baking soda, or acetone, remove the build-up from the body of your hot tool.


You may not use it too often, but your gym bag still deserves a good deep clean. Toss it in the laundry machine to not just eliminate those sweaty smells (ew), but to also get rid of germs that have built up or stains that have developed. A clean-smelling bag might just encourage you more to get some exercise!


Now that you've put your boots away, it's time to pull out your spring sneakers. Take a look at them — could they use a little love? Are the once white laces now grimy and grey? Do the soles still have remnants of grass from last summer? Are they a little stinky? Use some baking soda to freshen up the insides and soap and water to wash the outside. Toss your laces in the washing machine and let it hang to dry.


Think about all the places you've put your phone down. On a beer-soaked bar. On a dirty cafe table. On the bench in a dirty locker room. It should be no surprise then that researchers found our mobile devices to be a hotbed for an excessive amount of germs and bacteria. Dedicate some time to cleaning that case of yours. Pop your phone out, grab a Clorox wipe and give it a good bath.


You wear them on your wrists, and while you wash your hands and arms, you don't ever really take the time to wash your bracelets and bangles, do you? Cleaning your jewelry will not just get rid of the germs it's developed, but will also add new shine to your baubles! Be sure to find the proper cleaning solution depending on the kind of wrist wear you have (gold, silver, cloth).

Image: Fotolia