'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans' Sonogram Pic Has Us a Little Worried

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has not had an easy time in the years following her son Jace's birth. From engaging in custody battles with her mother to getting arrested for heroin possession, the 22-year-old has not set the best example for her son. However, on this season of Teen Mom 2, it seems that Jenelle may truly be turning over a new leaf. The troubled teen mother separated from her heroin-addicted husband Courtland Rogers last year and will soon be legally allowed to divorce him in the state of North Carolina. Her sober-living and better behavior has granted her more visitation days with Jace, and she seems happy to be reconnecting with her son. In fact, Jenelle is so excited to be back with her family that she's expanding it — Jenelle is currently pregnant with her second child by new boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle Evans may be young to have two children, but she seems extremely excited to bring another baby into the world. Jenelle took to Instagram to share photos of her pregnancy journey with her followers — including posting her unborn child's very first Instagram pic. It seems to be a throwback pic, as Jenelle is very, very pregnant right now, but still, I'm glad that Jenelle is, and was, excited to bring a new baby into the world.

I think it's great that she feels excited about parenthood rather than apprehensive — that's important if she wants to create a stable family environment not only for Jace, but for his new sibling, as well. However, I hope that Jenelle recognizes how important it is to be a true mother to her new child. Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but Jenelle needs to be prepared for independent motherhood when the new child finally arrives. While her boyfriend Nathan Griffith seems like a vast improvement from her previous relationships, even he has had some serious run-ins with the law, including receiving his third DUI this past September. Jace already had to deal with two unstable parents, and I hope that this new baby won't have to go through that again — especially when his mother knows better.

Let's hope that this new child helps Jenelle "start over," rather than reverse back to her negative behaviors.

Images: j_evans8209/Instagram