Illuminate's Green Makeup Brushes Are Back So Soon

More makeup magic wands are on the way, beauty addicts! Ashely Tisdale's Illuminate Cosmetics has quietly built up an army of diehard fans since launching earlier this year, with the eight-piece, cruelty free brush set being the brand's hero product. While it may not have the social media fanfare and drama of, say, Kylie Cosmetics, Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale is legit loved by a legion of makeupistas, thanks to its small but high-impact and high quality collection. There's beach-inspo palettes, tints for the lips and cheeks, and mega pigmented lip glosses. But it's those brushes, with their seafoam green 'n' glossy handles, plush bristles, and attractive $15 price tag, that sell out every time they are restocked. They are currently sold out, so when is the next Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale brush restock?

The brand posted an image on its official Instagram, sharing that the brushes "are coming back so soon." There is no confirmed date or time, but at least we can take comfort in the fact that the brushes will be restocked.

If you are anxious about getting your well-manicured mitts on these tools, you can sign up for an email alert which will notify you when they are back in stock. Do it up.

Aren't they so lovely? That handle hue is what makes them such a standout.

The color has such a retro, vintage vibe, doesn't it? But the ombre heads are so modern and luxe, too.

Eight is great.

The set offers a perfect mix of face and eye brushes AKA everything you need in one set!

Oh, and if the brush restock news isn't enough to cause your heart to flutter, Tisdale revealed on her personal Insta that there is more Illuminate news coming soon. Perhaps there is a new season of products? A new slate of colors? New categories, like eyeliner or matte lippies? Maybe there will be a new retail outpost, besides Tilly's or Ulta?

Images: Illuminate Cosmetics/Instagram (3); Ashley Tisdale/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Illuminate Cosmetics (1)