Who Plays Alexandra On Fox's New Series 'Star'?

by Alaina Urquhart-White

It seems like audiences are craving shows that examine the realer side to the things that we have been naïve to for a long time. Fox's new series, Star fits that bill perfectly. The series focuses on the tough, gritty and often unseen realities of trying to make it in the music industry. It comes to us straight from the creative mind of Lee Daniels who brought us a little show called Empire. The new show will follow three extremely talented women as they try to break into the world of fame. So who plays the role of one of the leading ladies, Alexandra in Star ?

Honestly, this cast was drawing me in before I even knew what the show was about. Say the name Queen Latifah and I am immediately on board. Alongside the Queen, the show brought on three female newcomers to play the leads. The role of Alexandra is described as the spoiled rich girl who wants to leave her world of privilege behind to make it on her own in the music biz. Actor and recording artist Ryan Destiny will be stepping into the character of Alexandra, and she seems like a rising star in her own right. According to her FOX profile. she starred in the 2015 independent film A Girl Like Grace and for that role, she received a Nollywood and African Film Critics’ Award (NAFCA) nomination for Best Lead Actress in 2015.

Here are some more fun tidbits about Destiny to get you excited for her breakout role in Star.

She Hails From Detroit, MI

She is proud of her hometown and often shows her love for her home through photos on social media.

Her Selfies Are Perfection

This girl takes the word "photogenic" to an entirely new level. Forget Kim Kardashian, give Destiny a selfie book please. Also, can it include a tutorial on how to look flawless all day, everyday?

She Halloweens Hard

Girl after my own heart. She takes Halloween seriously and I respect that.

She Is Excited About Her Success

It is refreshing to see someone genuinely psyched about their (very deserved) success. She is humble, but endearingly in awe of her notoriety, which makes her even more relatable.

She Uses Her Exposure For Good

Destiny knows that she has a massive audience following her on Instagram, and she uses that as a mechanism to bring about change.

She Sings Too

Yeah, she is a one woman powerhouse of talent. According to her Fox profile, Destiny is a former member of the group Love Dollhouse and is currently working on a solo project. So, keep an eye out for her stuff!

Image: Tommy Garcia/FOX