A Playlist For Your Safe-Sex Enjoyment

Raising awareness about safe sex just got creative. AIDS nonprofit Lifebeat has teamed up with marketing firm Wing and Spotify to create a program called "Playlust," which wants to encourage young adults to use condoms. Their strategy: Give out free condoms, which will come with codes for free music streaming. With the codes, people can now access "playlusts" — meaning incredibly seductive playlists — without any commercial interruptions.

“A few years ago, you might do a traditional ad campaign about using condoms,” said Wing's chief creative officer Favio Ucedo to Mashable. “But there are too many pitches and messages aimed at millennials. You have to add value.”

To add that value, Ucedo and his team asked their colleagues to suggest their favorite bedroom songs and compiled a variety of Spotify playlists. That said, because the program is aimed at a young population, including teenagers, Wing also included artists that appropriately reflected that demographic, like Rihanna, Lana Del Rey, and Arctic Monkeys.

The playlists themselves have quite the titles: "My Roommate Isn't Home," "Don't Expect Breakfast," and (gasp!) "Even If You're A 1 Minute Man," to name a few. In total, they're up to eight hours long. We'll avoid stating the obvious immature punchline here.

But where can we find the condoms? Unfortunately, the initiative (also marketed as "Sex with no ads and no HIV") is restricted to the New York area — specifically, New York City music venues and concerts. It's hard to think of a better place to distribute condoms and promote safe sex program, given that music and seduction can go hand in hand.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

New York City has pushed for safe-sex initiatives among young adults in recent years, with programs such as the Condom Availability Program.

You can listen to one of the playlists here — unfortunately, not without commercial interruption, unless you have Spotify Premium. We're not sure this playlist does a great job of appealing to young listeners (Portishead? Prince? Really?), but props for the creative attempt.