10 Hairstyles That'll Hold Up Through a Festival

You may have already figured out what you're wearing to Coachella, but do you know how you're going to tackle your hair situation? Experienced festival-goers know how difficult it can be to manage your locks (especially if they're long) in a hot and humid setting. Fly-aways, frizz and oily scalps thrive under these conditions, but it doesn't mean you have to resort to just schlepping it up in a tired ponytail or lopsided bun. Here are 10 stylish ways to help your hair survive a festival.

Image: dipdyedfeatherz/Instagram

Crown Braid

You can always rely on a trusty crown braid to stay in place, no matter how low you get down in the electro music tent.

Image: assembly_la/Instagram

High Bun

Sweeping your strands up into a high bun will help keep your upper body ventilated. Don’t forget to wrap a colorful headscarf or flower crown around it.

Image: chellyfashion/Instagram

Pigtail Fishtail Braids

Step up your pigtail game by weaving them into fishtail braids.

Image: hrae_hrae/Instagram

Faux Bob

Celebs have been rocking it on the red carpet all year long. What better time than a festival to try out the faux bob?

Image: lindsaydoeshair/Instagram

Half-Up Braided Crown

If you feel like wearing your hair down, consider a half-up braided crown. It’ll keep most of your hair out of your face, while still looking totally boho-chic.

Instagram: fluttermag/Instagram

High Ponytail

You know what they say: the higher the ponytail, the closer to the music gods.

Image: mg151/Instagram

Low Messy Bun

If you’re not a fan of the top knot, keep it low with a tight, but messy bun.

Image: wrapupbun/Instagram

Messy Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid doesn’t have to be tight and tidy. Make it more festival-appropriate by letting the ends fly free in a messy ponytail.

Image: assembly_La/Instagram

Textured Low Ponytail

Add some texture to a low ponytail by braiding it. Don’t forget to pull it tight to give your hair some extra volume.

Image: SincerelyJules/Instagram

Pigtail Buns

The last time you wore pigtail buns may have been kindergarten, but festivals are the perfect place to bring the playful hairstyle back.

Image: flowerscanfly/Instagram