Jackie Evancho Is Performing At Inauguration

I was starting to wonder if Donald Trump was going to be sworn-in to a background of dead air, to be honest. But it seems he has finally found an artist willing to perform at his inauguration. So who is Jackie Evancho? The 16-year-old will be the one performing at Donald Trump's inauguration, and, if you haven't heard of her, you're really missing out. No matter your feelings about Trump, Evancho's talent can't be denied. I do have to warn you, though, that she'll probably make you feel incredibly unaccomplished when you know exactly how long it's been since the world first learned of her talents.

First, the basics. She's an opera singer, and she came to fame on America's Got Talent. So, she and Trump have reality TV in common. But if the talented teenager's name doesn't immediately ring a bell, you're forgiven, because Evancho was on the show all the way back in Season 5 (which aired in 2010). That's right. She's one of those child prodigies you read about, whose operatic performances as a 10-year-old soprano on America's Got Talented knocked the socks off both judges and fans. They even netted her the runner-up slot, and I don't think that you can listen to her sing without thinking she deserved at least that.

Since her near-victory on AGT, she's been pretty busy. She's released six studio albums total: the independent Prelude to a Dream in 2009, and, once she was signed to a label, Dream With Me and Heavenly Christmas in 2011, Songs from the Silver Screen in 2012, Awakening in 2014, and Someday at Christmas in 2016. Not content to settle for just one area of expertise, however, Evancho also dabbles in acting and modeling.

You might have seen her as Robert Redford's daughter in 2012's The Company You Keep , and, in the same year, Evancho's website notes that she was hired to star in the Fall campaign for GUESS Kids. In short, she isn't slowing down a bit.

Paul Morigi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On top of that, she's excited by this new opportunity that's come her way, which she announced Wednesday on TODAY.

I have recently been asked by the President-Elect to perform the National Anthem at the swearing-in ceremony at the inauguration and I am so excited. It's gonna be awesome.

"Awesome" isn't a word that I think applies to many people's emotions about Inauguration Day 2017 in general, but I understand Evancho's excitement. What's more, I'm excited for her. Getting to sing the national anthem at the inauguration is a huge, huge step in her career, and we can be excited for her to take that step regardless of our political leanings. For some, it will be the only bright spot of the day.