11 Body Pos Twitter Accounts To Follow In 2017

Body positivity has been in the public eye for some time, but that doesn't mean there aren't new and exciting people on social media, sharing fresh ideas about the movement. To best stay up to date on news, campaigns, and body positive trends, following body positive Twitter accounts is a great way to share and comment on new issues, and get to know people within the community.

No matter how many people you follow on the platform, there are still others out there giving opinions and sharing information that you may not otherwise receive. It isn't always about following the accounts with the most amount of followers or the most interactions, but the people who make the most sense, too. Add to that a winning personality or a killer sense of style, and you've got inspiration that goes well beyond self-love.

These fresh faces may not be the bigger names in body positivity, but they are trying to do their bit to make the world a better place for all bodies. Get familiar with these cool folks below, and make 2017 your most body positive year yet.

1. Kathryn Mallow

Mallow is a disabled mom and blogger who still finds the time to absolutely kill it with her body positivity on Twitter. Not only that, but Kat talks about myriad social justice issues related to feminism and politics. She also creates some amazing fat positive illustrations of her fellow activists and bloggers.

2. Chloe Pierre

Mainly fashion and lifestyle posts, this ASOS insider spreads body positivity through her unapologetic self love and amazing outfit posts. Her tips and tricks for plus size shopping and existing are invaluable to anyone looking to live their best life.

3. Tayler Smith

Not only is this artist an amazing photographer but her social media is entirely about social justice, including body positivity. Smith's photography work often centers around feminist themes and is totally worth your support and interest too.

4. Diana Zeferino

Diana is a self-proclaimed angry feminist, but she's also a pretty funny one too. Her blog Fat Femme Fabulous covers everything from outfit posts to debunking negative plus size myths.

5. De La Fro

A writer, photographer and artist who is doing her utmost to discuss the intersectionality between fat politics, racism, sexism and so much more. Not only that, but her blog is full of killer tips for natural hair.

6. Simone Mariposa

The self confidence that Simone exudes is not just enviable, but contagious. And if you're lucky to be online during them, Mariposa's Periscope streams openly discuss body positive topics like dating while fat.

7. Charlotte Curtis

Not only does Charlotte Curtis preach body positivity among her hilarious lifestyle tweets, she's also the perfect example of fat girls thriving. Her Black Heart Creatives jewelry company is incredibly successful and she also runs a side Twitter account analysing films from a feminist standpoint: Bimbo Movie Bash.

8. Brianna McDonnell

A body positive activist and blogger that has even coined her own movement — #BEinyourskin — Brianna is so full of self love that it's hard to not adore her. Her body positive tweets balance perfectly with her humorous and political retweets.

9. Fat And Flawless

Not a specific person, but an account that is supporting fat women on the daily. Their #FatBeautyoftheDay campaign promotes and uplifts plus size women in a unique and fun loving way.

10. Tatenda Nyamande

This male photographer recognizes not just the beauty and power of plus size women, but actively seeks to promote it. While his work doesn't solely focus on fat people, when it does it feels that extra bit special knowing he understands the body positive movement.

11. Lottie L'Amour

As well as a plus size fashion blogger, Lottie is keen to emphasize how important body positivity is to her and the rest of the world.

Bonus account to follow in case you're a Muppets fan: Miss Piggy. Her Twitter account is a goldmine for anyone who loves all things fabulous. Otherwise, keep tabs on these body posi heroes in 2017 and beyond.

Image: Courtesy Lottie L'Amour