When Is Daisy Tomlinson For Molly Cosmetics Coming Out? Your Lips Are Getting A Winter Makeover

Louis Tomlinson might be the most well-known face of the Tomlinson clan, but his sister Daisy is pulling a classic Kylie Jenner move. Molly Cosmetics officially announced their liquid lipstick partnership on Instagram today, and for those wondering when the Daisy Tomlinson for Molly Cosmetics collection is coming, there's luckily not too long a wait.

According to the Molly Cosmetics Instagram, the collection is launching mid-January 2017 — sounds far away, maybe, but it's actually right around the corner. Since the brand is newly famous for their currently sold-out Silisponge, the collab might catch fresh followers off guard at first glance — but one look at Tomlinson's Instagram and things start to add up. The girl knows a fire lip, and has followed in her sister Lottie's footsteps by starting a separate beauty account.

Fans of the nude collections coming out fast and furious (see: Maybelline's Intimate Nudes, Marc Jacobs' Liquid Lip Crèmes, Bare Minerals' Gen Nudes), you're gonna love this. Out of the 12 colors in the Daisy Tomlinson for Molly Cosmetics collection, five are variations on a nude lip, from ultra-pale beige to dark brown nudes. Statement lips are also covered, with a slate gray, an iridescent pink, and a gel pen-esque milky lavender rounding out the collection (#tbt gel pens, why did you leave us).

The collection may have taken people (me) by surprise, but it's been in the works. Tomlinson starting giving followers behind-the-scenes glimpses nine weeks ago, with details on everything from packaging colors to the shades coming out.

Given Tomlinson's excellent taste in lip products, the formula is also sure to be bangin'. She's posted shots of liquid lipsticks from Kylie Cosmetics, Smashbox, Tarte and Too Faced, so the influences are golden.

On Molly Cosmetics' end, going by their innovation sponge-wise the liquid lipstick will definitely be one to check out.

Maybe on their next Silisponge restock, fingers crossed it comes soon.

Images: Mollycosmetics/Instagram