17 Funny Gifts For Your Brother For The 2016 Holidays

If getting a sentimental present for your brother this holiday season just doesn’t make sense, I feel you. Personally, I feel like it doesn’t seem right to get my brother a gift that doesn’t have some kind of hidden motive or inside joke attached to it. If you’re in the same boat, then finding a funny gift idea for your brother is essential.

But where does one even start? Honestly, it depends on the types of jokes you have together. First, take note of what inside jokes you pass along throughout your week, and find something that makes sense for your relationship. Or, find something completely unexpected. For example, my little brother loves to work out all the time. So, finding some kind of gift that accentuates that hobby of his seems to make the most sense. Take note of your brother’s hobbies, his habits, and his relationships with others in order to find him a supremely hilarious gift.

Basically, this is the perfect time to pull out all the stops for your brother. Make this a holiday to remember, one that will probably be spent creating jokes, maybe even going into 2017. If you’re still stuck finding a gift, don’t worry, I snagged a few to help you out:

1. Nothing

Nothing , $12, Amazon

This is perfect if you keep asking your brother what he wants for Christmas only to get the response, “nothing.” Cool, just get for him, already.

2. Grilled Cheese Kitchen Cookbook

Grilled Cheese Kitchen Cookbook, $13, Amazon

This is for all the brothers out there who can’t seem to make anything besides grilled cheese and pasta with red sauce. Help him out a little… while making a snide remark about his terrible cooking.

3. Here’s Waldo Men’s T-Shirt

Here’s Waldo Men’s T-Shirt, $30, ModCloth

*Insert snarky comment about how you’re actually Mom’s favorite.*

4. Poop Emoji Pillow

Poop Poo Emoji Pillow , $8, Amazon

If your brother only sends the poop emoji in your family group text, then send one right back to him this holiday.

5. Low Key Keychain

Low Key Keychain, $10, Urban Outfitters

Low key tell your brother that his low key comments are low key annoying.

6. I Flexed Workout Shirt

I Flexed Workout Shirt , $10, Amazon

If your brother is anything like mine, he's obsessed with working out. Make his prideful comments about his biceps or whatever even more obvious with this bro-tank.

7. Beard Buddy Duo Kit

Beard Buddy Duo Kit, $38, Urban Outfitters

Did your bro decide keeping his beard after No-Shave November was actually a good idea? Give him a bit of a nudge with this duo kit — which includes beard wash and beard oil — that will eave scruffy-scruff smelling like herbal mint and the woods.

8. Tequila Mockingbird Cocktail Book

Tequila Mockingbird , $15, ModCloth

This is for the literary snob brother who loves drinking his cocktail while reading Hemingway.

9. Butt Face Soap

Butt Face Soap , $7, Amazon

Tell your brother that you really think it’s good for his health to have specific soaps for his butt, as well as his face. He’ll catch on at some point.

10. Star Wars Resistance 2 Socks

Star Wars Resistance 2 Socks, $20, Urban Outfitters

Not only is this perfect for your brother who can’t seem to shut up about Rogue One, but it will also kill him on the inside if he’s obsessed with always having to wear matching socks.

11. Pour-ganic Chemistry Glass

Pour-ganic Chemistry Glass, $18, ModCloth

If your brother is a huge chemistry geek, but also obsessed with pulling out every single low-hanging pun imaginable, this present will give him all the chemistry.

12. Pugs Not Drugs Tee

Pugs Not Drugs Tee, $28, Urban Outfitters

We all cry every time we see a pup on the street, your brother included. Let’s see his reaction when he opens this up.

13. Poler Cameo Napsack

Poler Cameo Napsack, $165, Urban Outfitters

Make sure to let your brother know that this can specifically be used during his annual tradition of pretending to be asleep when mom asks for help with dishes after Christmas dinner.

14. Don’t Be Salty Mug

Don’t Be Salty Mug , $12, Amazon

Is your brother always calling you salty? This is the gift to get him, then!

15. Unicorn Farts

Unicorn Farts , $20, Amazon

Cotton candy is always a fun treat to give, but it's the way you give it that matters.

16. The Tao Of Bill Murray

The Tao of Bill Murray, $26, ModCloth

For the brother who is a raging Bill Murray fan, this book is filled with real-life stories on joy, enlightenment, and, most importantly, party crashing.

17. World’s Okayest Brother T-Shirt

World’s Okayest Brother T-Shirt , $13, WalMart

Tell your brother how much you seriously love him.

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