Are Alexa Persico Cosmetics’ Liquid Lipsticks Worth It? This Brand Has A Lot To Offer A Beauty Lover

While you may have initially heard of Alexa Persico Cosmetics when the Jessie James Decker Lip Kit broke the Internet, this brand has so much more to offer than just an incredible JJD-designed lip set. Are Alexa Persico Cosmetics’ liquid lipsticks worth it? I can tell you first-hand that they are most definitely worth getting excited about.

“When I was around 16, I started working professionally as a makeup artist and built up a clientèle which was crazy for someone my age. Seeing the way the market was and spending hundreds of dollars on higher end makeup, I knew I had to get serious and follow my other passion, which was developing this line,” Persico tells me over email “I started to sketch out packaging ideas on paper and mixing lipsticks together to find a different shade. Believe it or not, the same sketches I had on that paper years ago is [sic] the exact logo you see on my packaging now.”

APC has certainly come a long way since then, and while the company has grown and gained in popularity, the logo is a constant reminder of this brand’s humble beginnings. "[The brand] really is the definition of 'easy makeup,' yet still has that professional touch, which is why every color is customized to be the perfect shade for any skin tone," Persico says. So, what does that mean for these lippies?

There are a range of nude color options as well as fun pops of color in this line, so I'd have to agree that you're bound to find a hue to suit you when you're shopping.

From top to bottom these are the shades: On Point, Tiramisu and Cake.

From top to bottom: Goals, Fine Like Wine and Spiced Rum.

My favorite part (aside from how long-lasting they are) is the applicator. It different from more typical doe-foot applicators in that it has a pointed tip that allows for precision when applying, no lip liner needed. According to the Alexa Persico Cosmetics website, this applicator is an "exclusive design" that you won't find from other brands.

If you're already a fan and wondering what's in store for 2017, you're in luck. "Without revealing too much, you can expect lots more eye and lip colors coming your way, as well as a secret product I have been working on for the past two years, so that is one I am super excited to launch finally!" Persico tells me. In addition, the aforementioned lip kit may not be all that's to come from the brand's partnership with Decker. "I know she has a lot of different ideas as do I, so I think there is a lot to look forward to for JJD and APC fans!"

There's a lot more to APC than one great collab. Not only will you be supporting a woman-owned business when you shop this brand, but you'll also be scoring some amazing, high-quality beauty items in the process. And yes, one of the products was inspired by the lovely Decker, but there are plenty more amazing beauty items where that came from. I suggest you start exploring this company, stat!

Images: Dario Ortega/Bustle (6)