Where Will Rebecca Minkoff's Next Fashion Show Be? Peace Out, New York

Every February and September, fashionistas from around the world all tune in to watch the various runway shows of Fashion Month, and it all begins with New York Fashion Week. However, it's looking more and more like a new city might be the next hot destination for fashion shows. Case in point? Rebecca Minkoff's next fashion show will be in Los Angeles, according to WWD.

The leather goods and clothing designer, who happens to be an LA-native but now resides in New York, joins the ranks of fashion designers who have moved their shows to Los Angeles, including Tommy Hilfiger, Rachel Zoe, and Tom Ford. Of these four, three of these designers —Minkoff, Hilfiger and Ford — have all participated in the new Fashion Week concept of "see now, buy now." Minkoff's show will occur at The Grove in February, where she'll be partnering with the mall's team to provide her audience with the ultimate runway-to-retail experience.

Minkoff decided to host her next show in Los Angeles based off of the show she held outdoors in Soho, New York in September. Not only did Minkoff and her team enjoy the aspect of holding a fashion show outside, but they also wanted to focus on one of their larger markets, Los Angeles. The Spring show also has California themes within the collection, says the brand's executive officer and Minkoff's brother, Uri Minkoff.

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Personally, as a Los Angeles resident, I am stoked about this transition.

Minkoff has always been known for her fun and beautiful handbags, but I also can't wait for her shoes and clothing pieces too, especially if they're California-inspired!

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February can't come soon enough!