The 'Mad Men' Cast Know Exactly What Props They Want To Steal From Set

Us normal folks can't see the first episode of Mad Men's seventh season yet, but the cast and select VIPs got to catch the new episode on April 2 at the official final season premiere. The cast aren't allowed to give away anything about the new season and they don't even know how the show will end. AMC President Charlie Collier said at the event, "We ask that all of you treat tonight’s premiere as Don Draper treats his private life, which is to say that even if your daughter walks into your room tonight and wants an explanation you just say 'it's not what you think.'" This meant that on the red carpet, the cast had to reminisce about their time on the show rather than talk about the upcoming season. In interviews with The Hollywood Reporter, the Mad Men cast revealed which prop from the set they want to take home when it's all over. Answered ranged from entire wardrobes to the super corny "just the memories." Lame!

Several members of the cast had clear visions of what set item they'd like to keep. Elisabeth Moss would like a ring that Peggy often wears and added that the show ending is bittersweet, emphasis on the bitter. "It's a lot more bitter, like 90 percent bitter, 10 percent sweet." Robert Morse, who plays Bert Cooper, is the one that wants to keep as many clothes as he can get. Smart move. I really hope he also wants to keep all the socks he wears — his office is a no shoe zone, ya know.

Christina Hendricks wants a picture that hangs in Joan's apartment while Jay Ferguson (Stan Rizzo) already has his picture of choice hanging on his wall at home. Ferguson's wife framed a maple syrup ad from the set and gave it to him as a Christmas present. Rich Somner (Harry Crane) would simply like an ashtray. So who does that leave who claimed they just want the memories. No. It couldn't be. Don Draper himself?!

Jon Hamm told THR, "Just the memories, honestly. I don't want to steal anything." Well you don't have to steal it, Jon. They'd probably give you something. What about the fedora? Or a suit? The whiskey glasses from Don Draper's office? Those ridiculous swim trunks you had to wear in the Hawaii episode? If anyone should be taking stuff, it's Jon Hamm, but I guess memories will work for him. Memories... an and Emmy, perhaps?