15 Body Positive Tweets That Prove The Movement Remained Strong In 2016

For a lot of reasons, it's been a tough year for a lot of people — but without dwelling on the past, there are some reasons to be hopeful for 2017. After all, David Bowie can't exactly die twice, can he? If feel-good words are what you're after, these body positive tweets prove that all is not lost for the world and provide inspiration for a much more positive 2017. From celebratory selfies to moments in 2016 that filled people with self love, there's plenty to celebrate all the way into the new year.

One of the best things about social media is the openness of the people sharing on it. And while that can lead to some tragic stories, the positivity almost always wins out.Through platforms like Twitter, communities are formed that specifically uplift and celebrate each other, even when the world refuses.

These tweets represent some important voices in the body positivity movement, and no, they're not all big names in influencers. What makes these tweets so compelling is the fact that they're all uplifting, 140-character rays of light on the deep, dark internet. If you need a reason to smile, check out the body positive tweets below.

1. Glittery Bodies

This photo is astounding and a beautiful reminder that any body would look amazing covered entirely in glitter.

2. Fat Activism Coloring Book

Fat people are being accepted and celebrated in more and more creative ways as time goes on.

3. New Followers

There's always new people to find and follow that share the same values as you, and you're sure to find many more to love in 2017.

4. Self Love

As cliche as it is to say, when you love yourself the possibilities really are endless.

5. Selfies

Not only is there a definite power in sharing selfies of yourself that you openly adore, but it truly warms the heart to see plus size women loving themselves too.

6. Sharing The Love

Because even on your worst day, your friends and community have your back.

7. Inspiring Each Other

Not only do people on Twitter serve as amazing inspiration, but people aren't shy about telling each other about it either.

8. Sharing Articles

If some fat positive news slipped by you on the website, others will be promoting these positive moments on Twitter to be sure you see them.

9. IRL Experiences

Hearing about other's body positive experiences in the real world can give you hope even on your worst day.

10. Body Positive Art

Finding representation in every type of media is a joy for everyone, especially when you never thought you'd see yourself reflected in any kind of art.

11. Plus Size Friends

It may be corny to admit it, but it's definitely worth admitting - having plus size friends can do wonders for your own body positivity. Even if they're just online friends, they still count.

12. Clothing Inspiration

By sharing all the brilliant buys we find, the community not only gets stronger but more stylish too. The age of drab fat fashion is fast coming to an end thanks hugely to social media.

13. Real Representation

Although there's plenty of struggles with lack of representation for fat people, it's worth celebrating the people who get it totally right.

14. Being Honest

By admitting to slip ups and allowing people to not doing well with their personal body positivity, you can let go of the guilt that surrounds self love off days.

15. Asking For More

Because we know the impact that social media can have on the world, it means we can be more honest and open about what the world needs next — and hopefully, the world is listening.

If you're not feeling inspired for the upcoming year, consider the fact that despite all of 2016's grievances, there is a lot of positivity and hope in the world. Fingers crossed that 2017 is the year for all of it to keep shining.

Image: Courtesy Lottie L'Amour