Bite's Agave Lip Mask Is Getting A Re-Vamp

by Rachel Nussbaum

Good news for lovers of Bite Beauty's cure-all-evils Agave Lip Mask: The brand is expanding the line with two new products guaranteed to leave your lips a-gleamin'. The Lip Mask is a beloved standby for banishing flakes post haste, and while it'll always be an intensive nighttime staple, the new take is a more portable, everyday option with all the same moisturizing prowess. When is Bite's Agave Lip Balm coming out? This isn't one of those products with a long hype period, luckily.

The brand announced that the Lip Balm will be available at on Dec. 26, all of 11 short days away. Love the (relatively) instant gratification — while the timing means it won't be making its way into any stockings this year, maybe your family and friends can gather round the computer as you hit purchase. Or, use it to put any Sephora gift cards to work. Gotta plan for everything.

Bite paired up with blogger Estée Lalonde to announce the addition, as well as their new Agave Sugar Lip Scrub. Joining their Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub, the Agave Sugar is an interesting twist — according to Lalonde, a few drops of water combined with the scrub creates a "milky emulsion" that you apply to lips, then wipe off for fresh 'n' soft lip-feel.

The Lip Mask is a miracle worker, but props to Bite for recognizing that its squeeze tube and thick (luxurious) formula aren't always the grab and go go-to. Packaged in a matte gray, capsule-shaped tube, the Lip Balm is an accessible alternative. Plus, it's kind of alien-esque, right? À la Arrival. I'm into it.

As befitting a product branded with the word "Agave," the Lip Balm is agave-based and 100 percent natural, in classic Bite Beauty fashion. It's kind of a one-up for their other products, too — if the brand's Multisticks were a little too dry for use on your lips (I get it, they also have to stay put on eyes and cheeks) a quick swipe of the Balm beforehand takes care of any dryness issues.

At long last, Bite's social media posts make sense. They've been posting teasers of the new release over the last few days, and now all signs point to agave oil. It was in front of us all along.

Images: BiteBeauty/Instagram (3)