Will 'Eyewitness' Return For Season 2? The Show Could Be Back With An All-New Mystery

New series Eyewitness has brought a little Nordic crime drama to the USA network, and its slightly different take on the established genre has made it one of the fall's TV surprises. Will Eyewitness be returning for Season 2? USA has yet to make a decision about the show's future, but there are a few clues out there suggesting that the show could be returning in the fall of 2017, while others point towards a potential cancellation. Let's get the bad news out of the way: the ratings for Eyewitness Season 1 were... not great. According to TVSeriesFinale, Eyewitness only received .69 million viewers for their latest episode. However, Playing House, another USA series, got similar ratings and was renewed for an additional season.

And as creator Adi Hasek reminded audiences in an interview with Deadline, Eyewitness is going to be an anthology series, so if the show does return for an additional season, it will be transformed into a new series with a new mystery at its core. That's big mark in Eyewitness' favor, because I don't know if you noticed, but the anthology series is officially back. No longer is American Horror Story the only major series that changes its characters and storyline every season. And since you'll be waiting for Eyewitness news from USA, why not bide your time by watching some other fantastic TV anthologies and mysteries?

American Crime Story

The second season of this series will be about Hurricane Katrina, but despite practically a year passing since the first teaser trailer for The People v. O.J. Simpson dropped, there's still no footage, news, or announcements about the new season. However, The People v. O.J. is ripe for a re-watch.

American Crime

No, you're not seeing double — American Crime is the ABC drama that loosely adapts real-life issues (racism, police profiling, rape, class issues) with a new story each season. And that proved to be an amazing choice when the series went from a bit melodramatic in Season 1 to a truly affecting drama about teen sexuality, mental health, and the limits of what parents can do for their kids. And it's earned Regina King two Emmys, which was one of the best surprises of the 2015 and 2016 ceremonies.


Here's an example for a non-anthology mystery that managed to do things right. Like Eyewitness, Broadchurch was able to reveal its murderer and then use good character work in order to continue the story. The only bad move? Suggesting that the highly satisfying murderer they revealed at the end of the first season wasn't actually the killer in order to manufacture some additional drama in Season 2.

Black Mirror

This series is so much of an anthology each individual episode is its own story, like The Twilight Zone. Ranging from an hour to over 90 minutes, each Black Mirror episode manages to establish a different vision of the ways technology could change the near future (usually, with cataclysmic results).


Another series with no new episodes on their way anytime soon, but once again, why not sit down to revisit the series? It doesn't meet the typical definition of an anthology because its seasons do take place in the same universe, but each season had its own narrative style and a totally new cast.

American Horror Story

And don't count out the OG anthology nouveau. The Roanoke season didn't quite live up to the hype the mysterious marketing generated, but it was something totally different, and the season's late-in-the-game switch to making Adina Porter's character the lead was a surprising move that let the actress do some unexpectedly great work. And, of course, it starred The Butcher, one of the greatest characters of all time, if you ask Agnes.

Eyewitness may be wapping up its first mystery at the end of Season 1, but if the show is renewed by USA, it will join quite a few other anthologies and mysteries just like it.

Image: Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network; Giphy (6)