How To Pronounce "Latke" Without Sounding Like A Complete Fool

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Guys, heads up: There's a possibility you've been pronouncing "latke" wrong your whole life. Why? Because I am a sadly proof of such a statement. Before writing this up, I thought I was saying "latke" right all along... but turns out I wasn't. I now realize my faults in how to pronounce "latke" correctly, and I'm here to properly explain it to you so that you may not hit ultimate fool status like me. News flash, it's not pronounced "lat-key," which is where most are seriously mistaken.

First, if you're not familiar with this particular Hanukkah staple party food, latkes are small potato pancakes that are comparable to fried fritters. The main ingredients found in latkes are potatoes, egg, and some sort of starch (although not always necessary). They can be fried, baked, or even flipped like pancakes. Typically latkes are served with applesauce or a yogurt dip, but experimenting with different latke dipping sauces is certainly not against the rules.

Of course they sound seriously delicious, but it may be a bit inappropriate to make such a dish and not know exactly how to pronounce it. So, here it is: Latkes are pronounced "lot-kuhs," with a deeper draw in the vowels. Just give a quick listen to this video to hear what I'm talking about:

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So, now when you whip up a batch of latkes for Hanukkah, you don't have to sound like a complete idiot. Or, for those who celebrate Hanukkah and are seriously annoyed with your friends' pronunciation of latkes, just copy and paste this link in your squad's group text.


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