Urban Decay Has A Maj Discount On Setting Sprays

The product got an upgrade and you can get a deep discount! Urban Decay's best-selling Makeup Setting Sprays are getting a packaging revamp, because brand founder Wende Zomnir was displeased with the fact that the white bottles always "looked grungy and gross" because they picked up makeup fallout and messes, according to Women's Wear Daily.

Icky bottles aside, the brand's diehard Beauty Junkies adore these sprays, since they combat a variety of issues. The All Nighter allows makeup stay put for hours on end, while De-Slick controls oil. Meanwhile, Chill cools and hydrates skin. The formula has not been tampered with. The only change to the Urban Decay Makeup Setting Sprays is the black, soft-touch bottles, which are equipped with a purple sprayer that delivers a microfine mist, and frosted white caps, according to press materials Bustle received from Urban Decay.

So, how can you get these Urban Decay Makeup Setting Sprays, which are vegan, at an extremely attractive, 40 percent off discount?

The brand blasted an email to its subscribers on Friday, Dec. 16. All you have to do is use the code "SPRAYME" when shopping the sprays on the Urban Decay site to get nearly half off all three of the setting sprays and the B6 Complexion spray. The discount offer also includes the travel-sized versions of the sprays.

Below is the screen grab of the UD email offer.

Since the brand included the old, white packaging in the email blast, it wasn't immediately clear to me if the new or the old packaging qualified for this deal. So, I clicked on the shopping link in the email. It took me to the Setting Spray page and featured the old packaging. This is just an educated guess, but I'm thinking the brand is offering the deep discount in order to clear out the "old packaging" inventory and in order to make room for the new black bottles. Bustle reached out to Urban Decay to confirm that the discount deal is for the products in their prior packaging.

ICYMI: Here is the new packaging, which is modern, cool, and will no doubt be cleaner. These babies don't just set makeup. You can spritz your brushes prior to eyeshadow application with these sprays and they will help the color last longer, increase intensity, and minimize fallout.

Here's the fine print — the 40 percent off offer ends on Friday, Dec 16. at 11:59 p.m. PT, so that's Saturday, Dec. 17 at 2:59 a.m. ET, as well.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, $31,

Since the full-sized sprays are $31, once you apply the discount, they are around $19. That's an incredible savings! The travel-sized versions are $15, so those will be around $11.

In the press materials for the new packaging, UD noted that the fearless Zomnir used to set her makeup with hairspray (!!!) while in college. Insane, right? At least she created a solution to the issue of moving, migrating, or melting makeup with these Setting Sprays, which are formulated with Temperature Control Technology. TCT lowers the temperature of your makeup so it stays put.

Packaging aside, the product slays all day and all night(er) and you can't ignore a 40 percent off deal.

Images: Courtesy of Urban Decay (3)