Chrissy Teigen's 'Love' Advent Calendar Video Is A Decidedly Unique Way To Celebrate The Christmas Season

Let it be known that while advent calendars aren't for everyone, I think there is one in particular that will appeal to the masses, regardless of customs or creed. You see, rather than partake in little daily chocolate treats on her way to Christmas, because that's for people who are uninspired and boring (just kidding, Mom!) there's a new version of the holiday tradition in town. Chrissy Teigen participated in Love Magazine 's video advent calendar and it is really... something.

The main departure from a typical advent calendar, is that nowhere in Teigen's video was there chocolate being had or served. Though, to make up for it, the model did excitedly nosh on some fries and a hot dog, which is honestly an upgrade for anyone who isn't a dessert person. *raises hand* Oh! And there's also wine. Which, again, is also preferable to chocolate.

But enough about the food. The advent calendar video is sort of unrecognizable as an advent calendar at all, save for the fact that the magazine has been releasing a video like Teigen's every day leading up to Christmas in advent calendar fashion. People explains that it's also included Ciara and, "A slew of Victoria’s Secret supermodels and Instagram It Girls."

(Beware, the video is pretty NSFW.)

Then again, "unrecognizable" doesn't mean it's worse. It's just, well, different. Like, when I think of the holidays I don't usually think about '80s style aerobic videos complete with leg warmers. But, hey, who am I to judge if that's what gets Teigen and Love Magazine in the holiday spirit, you know? Especially when said video includes a workout that has you stretching your muscles to reach for a glass of what looks to be Pinot Grigio. Wine is impossibly festive because most of us need it to handle the barrage of personal questions directed at us from elder family members during the holidays.

All in all, to take this video to heart would be to miss the point. Teigen is always having fun at her own expense and while she looks amazing working out and snacking while looking sensuously into the camera, it's not that serious. It's meant to be fun and silly and that's exactly what it is. Especially because, let's be real, the holidays are a hard time for some, and this is definitely a pick-me-up.

Image: Love Magazine