The 'Snatched' Trailer Is Here & Magnificent

by S. Atkinson

The statement "a new Amy Schumer movie" does not, generally, elicit a desire to phone up your mom and ask her to go see it with you. But, Schumer and Goldie Hawn's new movie Snatched ? That's a little different. You see, the comedian's raison d'etre is talking extremely openly about the mechanics of sex and femininity, which is great. But, still, you don't want to be sat next to your mother the 25th time Schumer drops the word "p*ssy" in her skit. Admittedly, the Snatched trailer uses the word multiple times, and right at the start. However, I'd still argue that this is prime mother and daughter viewing at its finest.

Why? Well, for a start, the focus of the film isn't dating or sex, but a mother-daughter relationship, making it prime cinematic real estate for the mother-daughter demographic this winter. And if you're worried Goldie Hawn will Goldie Hawn her role up too much — ie. be far too charming and bohemian for the film to be relatable for anyone with a mom who doesn't come straight out of a JD Salinger novel — don't fret. When she opens the door to Schumer's recently-dumped character with the greeting "You poor thing — you look awful!", the film manages to hit that sweet spot, identifying exactly the thing that makes your mom simultaneously the best person you know and able to make you want to saw your own ears off in under 10 seconds flat.

Schumer's just as good at nailing the little nuances of the sh*tty types of behaviour daughters are prone to. Her character's response to her mother telling her "We'll get through this" and embracing her is to pull away with a caustic "This is a long hug." And, when she does acknowledge her mother's good points, they're in past tense ("Mom, look how fun you were"). Plus, she's every bit as critical of her mother's attempts at sculpture as her mother is of Schumer's character's personal grooming.

Don't get me wrong. There are definitely going to be some moments that'll have you cringing with your mom sitting next to you watching. Like Schumer washing her vagina in the sink in the ladies' toilets, and the guy she's interested in catching sight of this when the door opens. Or the genius but not not vulgar welcome/whale c*m joke. But given how spot-on the movie seems to be about the relationship we have with the person who's often the most important woman in our lives, I'd guess these moments are worth blushing through.

It's worth it for a film that allows you to laugh about your relationship with your mom while sipping down those cocktails.

Images: 20th Century Fox/YouTube