Diego Luna & Gael García Bernal Are The Best BFFs

There are just some celebrities who just seem meant to be friends. But then there are some who are friends before they ever become famous, like Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal, who have the best friendship. Yes, there are plenty of other stars whose friendships are worthy of worshipping, but seeing as Luna is finding success with Rogue One and Bernal just scored a 2017 Golden Globe nomination for Amazon's Mozart in the Jungle, now is a great time to talk about their amazing friendship.

Did you know that they've been friends since birth? Seriously, they have known one another since they were babies. In an October 2009 interview with The Independent, both Bernal and Luna opened up about how they first met. "I met him when he was two days old and I was about one and my mother took me to visit him in the Mexican hospital where he was born," Bernal said. And Bernal's father told him how the Golden Globe winner and Luna became good friends. "We were walking with our parents in this beautiful plaza near our homes when we bumped into each other," Bernal explained. "Diego and I greeted each other and started to play and then — being little boys — fight. Since then we've have spent most of our lives hanging out together."

As for Luna, he said, "The first time I met Gael he was just a blurry shape, because I was two or three days old and probably couldn't even recognize humans." He continued, "Our mothers were really close friends, though mine died when I was quite young. Around the age of eight, Gael and I did a play together and became really close. We spent a lot of time at his house playing basketball and football — we were really competitive at that age and fought all the time."

Clearly, that fighting didn't get in the way of their lifelong friendship. Here is further proof of why their friendship should be celebrated.

They Praise Each Other

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As Bernal told The Independent about Luna, "He's still the same person now that I knew then. Diego has always had this beautiful energy about him. Even as a child he was such an intelligent and loving person."

They Have Their Own Production Company

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Acting together is one thing, but forming a production company is something entirely different. Friends could easily get sick of each other working together constantly like these two, but they sure haven't yet. According to an October 2010 Telegraph interview with the actors, they founded Canana in 2005, which "produces domestic films and distributes the best of foreign cinema in Mexico."

They're Genuinely Happy For One Another

They aren't competitive and are happy with their successes. I mean, just look at the above Instagram from Luna, where he spotted an ad in Times Square for Bernal's Amazon series. He even told The Independent, "My favorite memory of Gael is when I saw him on stage in London in Blood Wedding." He added, "It wasn't anything to do with the play — he had just wanted to do that for so long and I was so proud of him." Even Bernal said, "People often ask if there is any rivalry given that we both work in the same industry but I think there is a genuine happiness at each others' success."

They Love Acting Together

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They've starred in several films together, including 2001's Y Tu Mamá También and 2009's Rudo y Cursi. Acting side by side could either be a blessing or a curse, but Luna feels it is the former. "Acting is about communicating, reacting and sharing — and friendship is about all of those things too," he told The Independent. "So when the actor you are working with also happens to be your best friend you get much more out of it and the experience and result is richer."

They Found Their Way Back To Each Other

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There were times when they were apart, but it didn't stop them from keeping their friendship alive. "We didn't see each other while I was studying at drama school in London, but when I returned to Mexico and we did Y Tu Mamá También together we really renewed our friendship," Bernal revealed to The Independent.

They Take Photos Like This

A memory they will always have. Oh, and Salma Hayek obviously loves them.

They Are "Brothers"

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They aren't just friends, but they are also "brothers." As Bernal confessed to The Independent, "I don't dare say this kind of thing in front of him — because I can get very sentimental — but I think there is an English saying, 'He's the brother I never had.' That is how I feel about Diego."

Luna feels exactly the same. "The only relationship I can compare to having a brother is the relationship I have with Gael," he told The Telegraph. "We have been with each other forever, and will be there for the rest. Now we are choosing to work together." He sweetly continued, "Imagine your brother shares the same passions and loves as you do, cares about the same things you do, goes through life changes with you… It all corresponds. There is no success you can celebrate more than the success of a brother."

One of the best friendship and bromances in Hollywood, wouldn't you say?